Collected for the Central Council by Edward F. Strange, Member of the Bibliographical Society, etc.

Preliminary Note.- By the courtesy of the Editor of “The Bell News,” I am enabled to lay my material in the first place, before the readers of this paper; and, in asking for their assistance in the completion of the work, to explain the method in which I propose to carry it on.

The Rev. H. T. Ellacombe on several occasions compiled lists of books bearing upon our subject. These, with the catalogue published by the National Art Library, form the nucleus of the present collection. They will be re-published separately in these columns, except so far as they coincide; and to them will be added such titles as I have myself been able to collect.

The object of this is to obtain information of the many rare books and editions which are in the possession of ringers in various parts of the country, but which often elude the search of any one compiler. I will ask the possessors of such to keep the lists published in “The Bell News” for reference; and if on their completion, any possibility arises of making additions thereto, to have the kindness to send me such particulars as they are able, giving an exact copy of the title-page, number of pages, and size in inches of the book. I will announce the exhaustion of my own material, and then, not before, shall expect and hope to receive the general help of ringers in making the list worthy of the Central Council.

Before publication in pamphlet form, the titles will be classified.

Edward F. Strange.

101, Disraeli Road, Putney, S. W.

I.- Books, etc., on Bells in the National Art Library, South Kensington Museum. (List published in 1883.)

Anderson (J.).- Scotland in Early Christian Times. (Celtic Bells, pp. 167-215.) 8vo. Edinburgh, 1881.

Antiquarian Repertory, The.- A Miscellany intended to preserve and illustrate several valuable remains of Old Times. Vol. I., (Westminster Bell.) 5 vols. 4to. London, 1775-84.

Baker (W. L.).- Alteration in Bells and Machinery. “Sessional Papers, Royal Institute of British Architects,” 1854-55. 4to.

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Denison (E. B.).- Lectures on Church Building; with some practical Remarks on Bells and Clocks. 2nd edition. 8vo. London, 1856.

— Designs, priced, for Bells, Cranks, Screws, and other Domestic and General Tools, &c, Ob. fol. London, 1770.

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— The Church Bells of Cornwall: their Archæology and present condition. Illustrations. 8vo. London, 1878.

Ellacombe (H. T.).- Practical Remarks on Belfries and Ringers. Read with a Paper on Bells before the Bristol Architectural Society.
2nd ed., with an Appendix on Chiming; with illustrations. 8vo. London, 1861.

— The Church Bells of Devonshire and Somerset. “Transactions of the Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society,” 2nd series, Vols. I.-III., 1867-78. 4to.

— Records relating to the Bells of Exeter Cathedral. “Transactions of the Exeter Diocesan Architectural Society,” 2nd series, Vols. II.-III., 1872 and 1875. 4to.

— The Church Bells of Gloucester. To which is added a Budget of Bell Matters of general interest. Plates. 4to. Exeter, 1881.

— Essai sur le Symbolisme de la Cloche dans ses Rapports et ses Harmonies avec la Religion. 8vo. Poitiers, 1859.

Ferencz (S.).- Monuments d’Architecture inedits. Text in French and German. Fol. Paris et Leipzig, 1869.

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Gatty (Rev. A.).- The Bell; its origin, history, and uses. 8vo. London, 1848.

— The Ecclesiastical Bell. “Associated Architectural Societies,” Vol. III., 1854-55. 8vo.

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— Chesterfield Bell Founders. “The Reliquary,” Vol. XVI., 1875-76. 8vo.

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— Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon and Irish MSS. Fol. London, 1868. (Sacred Bells, plate 52.)

The Bell News and Ringers’ Record, April 6, 1895, pages 550 to 551

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