The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Registered Charity No 270036

The first session of the 43rd Council (120th Annual Meeting) will be held on Monday 29th May 2017 at St Andrew’s and St George’s West, George St, Edinburgh, starting at 9.30 a.m.

Will members please sign the roll and be in their seats by 9.20 a.m. - the roll will also invite you to sign in as a member of The Ringing World Limited.

The morning session will be adjourned at 12.30 p.m.; at 1.45 p.m. the Annual Meeting of The Ringing World Limited will be held; the afternoon session will resume after that Meeting.


  1. Opening prayer.

  2. Report of the Honorary Secretary as to the representation of societies and subscriptions.

  3. Welcome to new members.

  4. Apologies for absence.

  5. Loss of members through death.

  6. Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting. (p. 418)

  7. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

  8. Annual Report of the Council. (p.429)

  9. Accounts for 2016. (p.431)

  10. Election of Officers for 2017 - 2020:

    PresidentChristopher O’MahonyDerek WilliamsPeter Harrison
    Vice-PresidentPeter WilkinsonStefan ZientekDavid Jones
    David KirkcaldyTimothy HineDavid Grimwood
    Hon SecretaryMary BoneDerek SibsonStephen Nash
    Hon Assistant SecretaryCarol FranklinAlan ReginDavid Kirkcaldy
    Hon TreasurerAndrew SmithMaureen FrostTom Garrett
    Public Relations OfficerCaroline StockmannNicholas ElksKate Flavell
  11. Election of Independent Examiners.

    Jeremy Cheesman and Wendy Godden retire; both are eligible for election.

  12. Election of Additional Members.

    Bob Cooles has resigned. Alan Baldock, Peter Trotman and David Willis retire. David Willis has become a Representative Member. The following nominations have been received; in accordance with Rule 6(ii), supporting statements by the candidates are given in Appendix A of this Agenda: (p.415)

    Alan BaldockDavid KirkcaldyGraham Hills
    Tim BarnesDavid RichardsBruce Butler
    Peter TrotmanKate FlavellDoug Davis
  13. Change Ringing for the Future.

  14. Motions

    [Formal notice of motions A - C was received from John Harrison and David Grimwood.]

    (A) Council Review Action Group: That the Council notes the report of the Council Review Action Group.

    Proposed by Dr Phillip Barnes (Kent County Association), seconded by John Harrison (Oxford Diocesan Guild).

    (B) That the Council adopt proposals A to F in the Council Review Action Group Summary of Findings and Proposals.

    Proposed by Dr Phillip Barnes (Kent County Association), seconded by Prof Patrick Wheeler (University of Bristol Society).

    (C) That the Council adopt proposals G to I in the Council Review Action Group Summary of Findings and Proposals.

    Proposed by Dr Phillip Barnes (Kent County Association), seconded by Prof Patrick Wheeler (University of Bristol Society).

    (D) That the subscription be increased to £40 per representative member from 1 January 2018.

    Proposed on behalf of the Administrative Committee by Andrew Taylor (Honorary Treasurer), seconded by Christopher O’Mahony (Vice-President, Australian & New Zealand Association).

    (E) The Trustees having agreed that the Bells Rescue Fund be wound up, it is proposed that, subject to any constraints or conditions attached to the grants when originally made to the Fund, the Central Council delegate to the Administrative Committee the decision as to how the Fund’s assets should be allocated and used.

    Proposed on behalf of the Committee for Redundant Bells by Robert Wood (University of Bristol Society) and seconded by Helen Webb (Ladies Guild).

    (F) That Rule 15(iv) (Terms of Reference of the Methods Committee) be extended as follows:

    To provide and maintain the Council’s definitions and requirements for change ringing, including methods, calls, and performances, and to consider and advise on all questions arising from their interpretation; to compile and maintain a library of all named methods with classification and appropriate references, and to maintain a record of historic method names; to commission tools and publications that aid in the understanding and analysis of methods; to adjudicate on any conflicts that occur in method naming, and to request alternative names for methods that may be considered inappropriate; to facilitate the creation and maintenance of standards for the electronic interchange of methods; to promote an interest in technical and theoretical aspect s of ringing to ringers at large.

    Proposed on behalf of the Methods Committee by Peter Niblett (Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild) and seconded by Mark Davies (Gloucester & Bristol Diocesan Association).


    1. That Decision (E) METHODS be amended as follows, to extend the definition of a method to include methods that are false in the plain course:

      1. Remove the word “true” from Decision (E)A.2 so that it becomes: “A method is defined by the places made between successive rows of its plain course, which shall be a round block, divisible into equal parts which are called leads. Starting the plain course from a different change does not give a different method.”

      2. In consequence, some existing blocks will be reclassified as methods, as listed on the Methods Committee web page.

    2. That Decision (D) PEAL RINGING be amended as follows, to remove the requirement that the ringing shall be audible outside the tower:

      1. Delete the existing Decision (D)A.6 and, if necessary, renumber the following parts of Decision (D).

    3. That Decision (D) PEAL RINGING be amended as follows, to make it clear that peals can be rung on bells that produce sound by simulated means:

      1. Add a new Decision (D)A.6 and, if necessary, renumber the following parts of Decision (D):

        For peals rung with simulated sound:

        (a) for tower bell peals, the simulated bells shall all be rung full circle-style by human ringers.

        (b) for simulated handbell peals, the simulated bells shall all be rung in alternating up-strokes and down-strokes by human ringers.

        (c) the peal report shall state that simulated sound was used.

      2. Append the following sentence to the first paragraph of Decision (D)D Record Lengths:

        Records using simulated sound shall be kept separately.

    4. That Decision (D) PEAL RINGING be amended as follows, to reflect current peal ringing practice:

      1. Replace the existing Decision (D)A.9 with the following text: “Bands should strive to maintain a high standard of ringing, and errors in ringing or calling should be corrected quickly.”

      2. Delete Decision (D)A.10 and renumber existing Decisions (D)A.11 to (D)A.15.

    5. That Decision (D) PEAL RINGING be amended as follows, to include a wider range of possible constructions in peals of Triples and below:

      1. Replace the existing Decision (D)B.1(c) with the following text:

        Not more than one touch in which each of the possible rows at that stage occurs either n or n+1 times, for a given value of n greater than or equal to zero.

      2. Replace the existing Decision (D)B.3(d)ii with the following text:

        a variable cover touch in which each of the possible rows, treated as being at the next higher stage, occurs either n or n+1 times, for a given value of n greater than or equal to zero.

      3. Replace the existing Decision (D)B.5(e)iii with the following text:

        a mixed stage touch, with a cover bell when ringing the lower stage, in which each of the rows possible at the higher stage occurs either n or n+1 times, for a given value of n greater than or equal to zero.

    Proposed on behalf of the Methods Committee by Peter Niblett (Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild) and seconded by Leigh Simpson (Ancient Society of College Youths).

  15. To receive, discuss and if thought fit to adopt the reports of the following Committees; to pass such resolutions as may be necessary on matters arising from the reports; and to elect Committee members. Nominations received are listed under each Committee; in accordance with Rule 14(ii), supporting statements by the candidates are given in Appendix B of this Agenda. (p.415)

    (a) Administrative: (p.432)
    Mike Chester and Tony Smith will no longer be members of Council. Michael Church and Derek Sibson retire. There are four vacancies.

    Michael Church;Andrew Stubbs;Richard Allton
    Phillip Barnes;David Grimwood;David Kirkcaldy

    (b) Public Relations: (p.433)
    Giles Blundell, Ernie de Legh-Runciman and Kate Flavell retire.

    Kate Flavell;Caroline Stockmann;Linda Foddering
    Susan Hall;Kate Flavell;Gill Hughes
    Vicki Chapman;Stephen Nash;Paul Cammiade
    Mike Bale;Kate Flavell;Jacqueline Brown

    (c) Publications: (p.437)
    Beryl Norris and Jan Wyatt retire.

    Beryl Norris;John Couperthwaite;Timothy Pett
    Jan Wyatt;Mike Hansford;Jay Bunyan

    (d) Redundant Bells: (p.437)
    Julian Newman and Helen Webb retire.

    Ian Hastilow;David Kelly;Alan Regin
    Helen Webb;Robert Wood;Doug Davis

    (e) Ringing Centres: (p.437)
    Leslie Boyce will no longer be a member of Council. Philip Bailey, Paul Marshall and Norman Mattingley retire.

    Paul Marshall;Maureen Frost;Phil Bailey

    (f) Ringing Trends: (p.437)
    The entire Committee resigned in 2016.

    (g) Towers & Belfries: (p.437)
    James Clarke and Bernard Stone will no longer be members of Council. Alison Hodge, David Kirkcaldy and Colin Ward retire.

    Alison Hodge;Chris Povey;George Dawson
    David Kirkcaldy;Ian Oram;Paul Flavell
    Allan Yalden;David Mattingley;Michael Church

    (h) Tower Stewardship: (p.438)
    Christopher O’Mahony retires.

    Chris Mew;Ernie de Legh-Runciman;Mike Hansford

    (i) Bell Restoration: (p.438)
    Chris Rogers will no longer be a member of Council. Pat Albon and Peter Kirby retire.

    Peter Kirby;Barrie Dove;David Hibbert
    Pat Albon;Peter Wilkinson;Jay Bunyan

    (j) Biographies: (p.439)
    Bobbie May and Deborah Thorley will no longer be members of Council. David Jones and David Willis retire.

    David Jones;Peter Wilkinson;Stefan Zientek
    David Willis;Lynne Hughes;Alan Regin

    (k) Compositions: (p.440)
    Stephen Beckingham will no longer be a member of Council.

    Andrew Johnson;Michael Church;David Mattingley

    (l) Education: (p.440)
    Chris Fletcher has resigned. Tony Furnivall will no longer be a member of Council. James Blackburn, Lucy Hopkins Till and Duncan Walker retire.

    Lucy Hopkins Till;Timothy Hine;Ken Davenport
    David Hibbert;Barrie Dove;Timothy Hine
    Clyde Whittaker;Timothy Hine;Gill Hughes

    (m) Information and Communications Technology: (p.440)
    Fred Bone and Peter Harrison retire.

    Peter Harrison;Derek Williams;David Smith

    (n) Library: (p.441)
    Appointment of Steward for 2017 - 2020: Alan Glover is proposed by Linda Foddering and seconded by David Kirkcaldy.

    Jenny Lawrence will no longer be a member of Council. Paul Johnson and Sue Marsden retire.

    Sue Marsden;Linda Foddering;Alan Glover
    Paul Johnson;Linda Foddering;Alan Glover

    (o) Methods: (p.441)
    Leigh Simpson retires.

    Derek Williams;David Smith;Christopher O’Mahony
    Graham John;Timothy Pett;John Couperthwaite
    Andrew Johnson;David Mattingley;Michael Church
    Tim Barnes;David Richards;Doug Davis
    Leigh Simpson;Mark Davies;David Richards

    (p) Peal Records: (p.442)
    Mark Bell and Adam Crocker will no longer be members of Council. Alan Baldock and Chris Turner retire.

    Chris Turner;Philip Green;Chris Sharp
    Alan Baldock;David Kirkcaldy;Graham Hills
  16. (a) Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection. (p.446)

    (b) Appointment of Stewards for 2017 - 2020: Bill Purvis is proposed by George Dawson and seconded by Robin Woolley; James Blackburn is proposed by George Dawson and seconded by Robin Woolley.

  17. (a) Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour. (p.446)

    (b) Appointment of Steward for 2017 - 2020: Alan Regin is proposed by Ian Oram and seconded by David Willis.

  18. (a) Report of the Stewards of the Dove Database. (p.447)

    (b) Appointment of Stewards for 2017 - 2020: Tim Pett is proposed by John Harrison and seconded by Paul Flavell; Doug Davis is proposed by David Grimwood and seconded by Caroline Stockmann; Tim Jackson is proposed by John Couperthwaite and seconded by Michael Church.

  19. Central Council Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells (registered charity no. 278816):
    Report and Accounts. (p.447)

  20. Future meetings.

  21. Any other business.

Mary Bone
Hon Secretary

Appendix A
Additional Member Nominations - Supporting Statements

Alan Baldock was formerly a representative member of the Council for the Sussex County Association from 1978 to 2014 and an additional member for the last three years. He has served on the Peal Records Committee since 2008. For the majority of those nine years he has been responsible for the maintenance of the pre-1990 peal records on the Felstead database, which is time consuming and detailed work often requiring research before an amendment or addition to the data can be made.

Alan’s work is much valued by the Committee and, whilst several hundred additions and corrections have already been made to the database, there still remains much to be done. He has also been contributing to the work of the Committee by helping to trace and record compositions used for first peals in methods. Alan would welcome the opportunity to continue with both of these areas of work on behalf of the Council.

Tim Barnes: I have been approached by the Methods Committee to stand as an Additional Member of the Central Council to help with the review of the Council’s Decisions. Since 2014 I have coordinated a group of about 30 ringers who have been collaborating on reform of the Decisions. This group was established following a period of heavy discussion on the Ringing Theory email list on how the current Decisions could be improved. The group’s aim has been to channel this interest into tangible proposals, and to demonstrate what a modern set of Decisions might look like. Significant progress has been made among this group, and its proposals were submitted to the Methods Committee in late 2015. There is now a need to compile all the input the Methods Committee has received, draft proposed new Decisions, and consult broadly across the ringing community to obtain feedback on the proposals from all interested parties. If elected, I would aim to support the Methods Committee in organizing and executing these next steps in the Decisions’ review process.

By way of background, I am currently the Ringing Master at Trinity Wall Street, New York, and have been a ringer for over 35 years. Before moving to the US for work reasons, I rang in Wimborne, Plymouth, Guildford and London. I am involved in many different aspects of ringing, from teaching new ringers, to building and developing the band in New York, to peal ringing and conducting.

Peter Trotman: I have been a member of the Central Council and of the ICT Committee (and its Computer Coordinator predecessor) since 1996, including two spells as chairman. The ICT Committee are kind enough to want to retain my skills and experience as primary developer and webmaster of the CCCBR website from 2001 through 2016.

Appendix B
Committee Member Nominations - Supporting Statements

Administrative Committee

Phillip Barnes: I am returning to the Council this year having previously been a representative member for a total of 19 years, and a member of the Admin Committee for eleven of those years (eight as committee chairman and three as an elected member). I have recently chaired CRAG and wish to work on the Committee in implementing our recommendations. It is more important than ever that ringing has a respected and relevant leadership body that truly represents the ringers it serves. I should like to bring my skills to work in helping the Council recover its position as that body.

Bell Restoration Committee

Peter Kirby: I have worked on this Committee for the past 6 years attending and contributing to its regular meetings with specific emphasis on looking after the web pages for this Committee. I look forward to a further 3 years working with this very pro-active and hard-working Committee.

Pat Albon: Pat currently has responsibility for the Bell Restoration Committee’s Guidance Notes and his experience and expertise is invaluable.

Compositions Committee

Andrew Johnson: I have some knowledge of composition having composed peals and quarter-peals. To aid aspiring conductors I would like to help the Committee collect and publish some simple compositions with explanations of their merits and how they might be learnt and called.

Education Committee

Lucy Hopkins Till: I learnt to ring in 1961 and have rung peals up to Surprise 14. A teacher by profession, I have run courses as Branch Training Officer for the past nine years. I am currently involved in training across three Guilds and served on the ODG Education Committee for eight years. Elected Secretary of the CC Education Committee in January 2015, I have also helped to run a listening course, been active in promoting handling posters, reviewing articles and making contributions regarding our old and new websites. I am very enthusiastic about finding ways to improve education within ringing.

David Hibbert: Although not a teacher by profession, my day to day rôle includes coaching and mentoring in an informal environment as well as occasional formal tutoring. I have also taught in a secondary school, lectured as part of my professional rôle and I frequently give presentations. These activities require me to carry out lesson planning and write course materials. My job also involves project management and I have been involved in implementing change within organisations with the skill set that that requires and which I can bring to the Education Committee together with my more education related skills.

ICT Committee

Peter Harrison: I have served on the ICT for the last three years and helped with the breakdown of the old website. I am also now working with Dove, so would like to help with the connection between ICT and Dove.

Library Committee

Sue Marsden: I am a qualified librarian with an interest in bellringing books. Currently I hold the stock of Order and Disorder books and post out sales.

Methods Committee

Derek Williams is an experienced bell ringer. He has been Ringing Master at Wellington Cathedral, New Zealand, since 2005. He is a Vice-President of ANZAB and has been a Central Council representative for ANZAB for two years. His interest in the Methods Committee arises from his ringing in Wellington, where the current Decisions have a significant impact. He is a member of the rt-rules-subgroup.

Graham John: Since 2011, I have run automated checks on method library updates, notifying the Committee of any corrections needed. In 2016 I launched Composition Library, a website for self-publishing and searching for compositions true to a method. Users can add new methods privately for correct classification according to the current Decisions. It now contains 20,000+ methods and 20,000+ compositions including all those in the CCCBR collection on In 2014/15 I actively participated in an independent review of the Council’s Decisions which resulted in a draft document the “Descriptive Framework and Requirements for Method Ringing” that could provide a potential replacement.

Andrew Johnson: I would like to work on the Methods Committee to help conductors find worthwhile methods to ring and to have decisions on methods and peals which are simple for ordinary ringers and maintain the long traditions of ringing including the importance of the extent as a basis of peals.

Leigh Simpson: Leigh has a keen interest in methods and method classification. He has served on the Committee before and hopes to return in order to establish more momentum in reforming the Decisions. He is keen to describe what ringers actually do rather than to prescribe what they ought: thereby supporting the development of ringing at all levels. He also hopes to work with the ICT Committee (of which he is also a member) in order to provide more online resources to discover methods and method ringing.

Tim Barnes: As per my candidate statement for Additional Membership, since 2014 I have coordinated a group of about 30 ringers who have been collaborating on reform of the Decisions, and developing ideas for how they could be modernized. I am well-versed in the current Decisions, and am also aware of the wide range of views surrounding them. I am currently an advisory consultant to the Methods Committee. If elected, I would seek to help in organizing and executing the Decisions’ review process with the goal of finding the best possible solution for updating the Decisions.

Peal Records Committee

Chris Turner joined this Committee 3 years ago and has contributed to the drafting and revision of all documents from the Committee. As a peal ringer and conductor, he has relevant technical background for work on this Committee and intends to continue supporting its varied activities.

Public Relations Committee

Kate Flavell: I have been a member of the PR Committee since ending my term as President in 2014 and became the first PR Officer in 2015. While I am standing down from that rôle now, I would like to continue the work I have been leading on the PR Committee for a further period. This has included getting ringing recognised as a major part of the Heritage Open Days, celebrating various royal events and placing ringing articles in national papers and TV.

Susan Hall: Ringing needs a positive and attractive image. I can help the PR Committee to produce resources that are eye-catching, upbeat, relevant, contemporary and concise. I am currently Derby DA PRO, have a creative flair and an eye for detail, can see things from the public’s point of view, and believe we should use social media to our advantage. The PR material I produced for Peak 2015, now used by the Derby DA, has been well received by members of the public and other ringing societies. Several local publications have published my ringing articles. I look forward to joining the Committee.

Mike Bale: As Tower Captain of a successful 10 bell tower I have initiated many recruitment open days, and used various different publicity options to appeal to different age groups. As Guild Training Officer for the Guildford Guild I turned these experiences into a training course with the approach being used successfully across the Guild and beyond. The documentation for this course has been turned into the CC Guide on running a recruitment open day. I’ve started up 3 new bands, successfully reintroduced the Guild 6 bell striking competition in a different format and initiated setting up our Young Ringers Group.

Vicki Chapman: I have held various offices at district and Association level for EACR, including Association General Secretary. At that time we had no PRO so I did a dual rôle; however I believe that everyone has a PR rôle in any discussions they have, even at a tower level. I responded to requests for information from both press and public and the Association’s PR material was updated and made available at several events across the county. Since becoming CC Rep for EACR last year, I have been proactive in sharing information from the CC to our membership, which has been welcomed.

Publications Committee

Beryl Norris: I am currently working for the Publications Committee as its Treasurer and I would like to be elected to that Committee for a further three year period. I find the work undertaken by this Committee interesting and stimulating and I very much appreciate being able to support both the Committee and the Council through the work that I do. I have a background in finance and accountancy as well as project management skills.

Jan Wyatt: I am a current member of this Committee. I have particular responsibility for allocating and recording ISBN numbers (a unique number allocated to all published books). I also occasionally write a synopsis of some of our titles for The Ringing World, and I help with sales at events such as the Roadshow.

Committee for Redundant Bells

Ian Hastilow: As a Sussex CC representative I previously served on this Committee from 2008 to 2011. Since moving to Wales I have become CC representative for the St David’s Guild and serve the St David’s DAC as their bell adviser. With the number of churches earmarked for closure in St David’s alone I hope I would be able to contribute to the Committee.

Towers and Belfries Committee

David Kirkcaldy: David was taught to ring in 1967 at Hurstpierpoint in Sussex, and has continued bellringing ever since. He has been involved in various ways with his local Association, and was first elected to the Sussex Bell Restoration Fund committee in 1979. He was their Secretary from 2006 until 2010, and in 2015 he became Secretary again. David became a representative on the CCCBR in 2007, joining the Towers and Belfries Committee the following year. He was elected Chairman in 2016, a post he still holds. David is keen to continue on this Committee as the Council evolves in the future.

Allan Yalden: After an RN apprenticeship I served on ships in charge of maintenance of Radar, Sonar, Weapons and Computers. After 24 years I left to take up work as Quality Assurance Manager. I was involved in many aspects of engineering new systems design for both hardware and software for Ferranti, Marconi and BAE. After the RN I spent 24 years as a Scout Leader before taking up ringing at St John the Baptist Purbrook, rapidly finding myself taking over as steeple keeper servicing both the bells and Gillett and Johnston clock. I hope my engineering experience can be of use on the Towers and Belfries Committee.

The Ringing World, April 28, 2017, pages 411 to 417

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