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Guidelines for independent checking of compositions when computers are used.

  1. Objectives of the guidelines.

    To assist those concerned with the work of the Central Council Peal Compositions Committee in publishing peal compositions in the Ringing World, when the verification method chosen is a computer check.

  2. Guidelines for choice of a computer system for checking compositions.

    The system should show on each occasion of use that what has been checked corresponds to the manuscript of the composition, and also the truth or falseness, length and starting and finishing rows. The system should provide objective evidence of each of the following:

    2.1 The input data submitted by the checker.

    2.2 The conditions prior to the start of the checking process.

    2.3 Invocation of the correct map of methods, calls and changes of method during the checking process.

    2.4 Generation of courseheads, leadheads or similar as appropriate, in such a way that the conditions produced at checkpoints during the process are shown to correspond to the input data and to the composer’s intentions.

    2.5 The conditions after the finish of the checking process.

    2.6 An explicit statement of truth or falseness.

  3. Guidelines for the checker who uses a computer system

    The checker should be personally responsible for all aspects of the independent check carried out. The checker should:

    3.1 Retain a signed and dated copy of the objective evidences produced by the system.

    3.2 Write on the composition manuscript an explicit statement of truth of falseness, failure to come round or incorrectness of length, and then sign and date the manuscript. The addition of a cross-reference to the job-number or other unique label for the checking job would provide a link to the checker’s retained copy of the objective evidences.

    3.3 Take responsibility for the choice and correct use of the system, for the submission of correct input data, for the verification of output data and its correctness, and for the final signed and dated statement of truth, or falseness or other fundamental deficiency, of the given peal composition.

  4. Test compositions

    Whilst it is recognised that assessment of a computer system by means of testing techniques does not enable one to make statements of certainty about the correctness of that system, the chairman of the Peal Compositions Committee has compiled a set of test compositions which may be used in the assessment of computer checking services when they are offered.

James R. Taylor,

The Ringing World, July 4, 1980, page 590

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