Trustees and Stewards of the Council

Trustees of the Carter Ringing Machine


1926-1947Mr. E. Alexander Young
1926-1931Rev. Charles D. P. Davies
1931-1962Mr. Albert A. Hughes
1948-1961Mr. Albert Walker
1962-1982Mr. Douglas Hughes
1962-1973Mr. Frank E. Haynes
1973-1993Mr. Walter H. Dobbie
1982-1993Mr. Alan E. M. Bagworth

Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine
1993-1996Mr. Walter H. Dobbie
1993-2004Mr. Alan E. M. Bagworth
1996-2004Mr. John A. Anderson

Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection
2004-2005Mr. Alan E. M. Bagworth
2004-2005Mr. John A. Anderson
2005-2014Mr. Alan P. S. Berry
2005-2009Mr. Barry Ward
2010-2020Mr. Bill Purvis
2014-Mr. James E. Blackburn

Trustees of the Rolls of Honour


1953-1961Mr. Harry Miles
1961-1962Mr. Harold N. Pitstow
1962-1969Mr. Cyril G. J. Watts
1972-1992Mr. William T. Cook
1992-1993Mr. Antony R. Kench

Stewards of the Rolls of Honour
1993-1999Mr. A. James Phillips
1999-2008Mr. Andrew N. Stubbs
2008-Mr. Alan Regin

Stewards of the Library
1993-2011Dr. John C. Eisel
2011-Mr. Alan M. Glover

Stewards of the Dove database


2007-2017Rev. Dr. John C. Baldwin
2007-Mr. Timothy C. Jackson
2017-2021Mr. Douglas G. Davis
2017-Dr. Timothy G. Pett
2020-Mr. Dickon R. Love

Stewards of the Fred E. Dukes International Bell Fund
2019-2020Mr. Andrew G. Smith
2019-Mr. David J. Mattingley
2019-Mr. Ian H. Oram
2019-Mr. Allen Nunley
2020-Mr. Fergus M. S. Stracey

Hon. Auditors
1934-1946Mr. Charles T. Coles
1934-1964Mr. Albert A. Hughes
1946-1948Mr. Ernest C. S. Turner
1948-1951Mr. Charles Dean
1951-1958Mr. Frank W. Perrens
1959-1981Mr. Harold N. Pitstow
1966-1975Mr. Douglas Hughes
1975-1993Mr. Michael J. Church
1981-1997Mr. Eric G. H. Godfrey
1993-1994Mr. John T. Parsons
1996-1997Mr. Andrew G. Smith

Independent Examiners
1997-2002Mr. Andrew G. Smith
1997-2005Mr. Steven J. Coleman
2002-2013Mr. Richard Wallis
2005-2020Mr. Jeremy D. Cheesman
2013-2018Mrs. Wendy E. Godden
2019-2023Ms. Caroline A. Stockmann
2022-Mr. Duncan G. Walker
2023-Mr. Timothy M. Payne

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