The committee has considered the four paragraphs referred back at the St. Albans meeting (see page 987, Dec. 19, corrected on page 150, Feb. 27).

The committee’s recommendations will be put as motions at the Ilkley meeting.

With regard to the deletion of paragraph A3, the recent and continuing developments in the use of calls in composition are so diverse that the committee feels unable at present to recommend a satisfactory ruling. It does, however, recommend that the traditional use and placement of calls should not lightly be discarded.

Recommendations for Decision on Methods and Calls.

  1. Delete A3, restrictions on calls, and renumber A4 as A3.

  2. Delete B, regular methods, and re-letter C, D, E as B, C, D and in the new D5, change E4 to D4.

Recommendations for Decision on Peal Ringing.

  1. Change C1, Spliced Compositions, to read:-

    “Compositions in more than one method shall be termed Spliced, when the methods are so joined that the leads of the methods remain intact, the changes of method being at the lead-head or half-lead but not both in the same composition.

    Compositions in which the changes of method occur at both lead-head and half-lead shall be termed Spliced, provided all the methods in the composition are symmetrical about the half-lead, with no two of them differing only in the places made at the half-lead and/or the lead-head.”

  2. Remove F, Technical Committees, from this Decision, but the four paragraphs to stand as the terms of reference of these four committees, changing the last paragraph to read:-

    “The Methods Committee shall make recommendations on the construction of methods and calls, and shall prepare such collections as may be required by the Council. It shall also consider all questions arising from the nomenclature used for any method, and the findings of the Committee shall be published in The Ringing World.”

The Ringing World, May 1, 1970, page 330