Doubles peals 1996

I have analysed the peals of Doubles rung during 1996 and published in The Ringing World. I found 182 peals; 45 in one method and 103 in from 2 to 75 methods. The remaining 34 contained variations and one did not conform with Decision (D) C.3. This was a peal in 19m/87v (not 16m/90v as reported) at Almeley on 18 May for the Hereford DG (96/658). Extents 1, 2, 7 and 8 each contained two variations or methods using a Plain Bob plain lead as a call and two variations using a Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place plain lead as a call. Decision (D) C.3 says that where variations and methods with different plain courses are included in an extent they must have the same call or calls. If Council decides to include this peal in the Analysis we recommend that they follow the precedent established at Wells in 1990 and accept these extents as containing just the methods used and not the variations. The peal would then be recorded as 19m/75v with the particular extents as follows: (1-2) Huntspill, New Bob, Blaisdon, St Vedast (7 8) Bampton, Twineham, St Ouen, Fifield.

The reports of the peals at Fawley in 4m/40v on 16 June (96/905) and in 17m/83v on 3 November (96/1247) did not list the methods (and variations) rung in each extent and/or round block separately, in accordance with Decision (D) C.4. The conductor has acknowledged that the peal on 16 June was in 4m/39v and provided corrected reports which have been passed to the Peals Analysis Committee.

Moreover, the reports of the 8 peals listed in figure 1 did not conform with Decision (D) C.4 as they did not state the numbers of methods and variations separately; the correction column shows how they should have been reported.

Figure 1
17AprIntwood761100m/v *11m/79v
14JulCleobury Mortimer88214m/v8m/6v

1 of the peals in figure 1 (marked *) and the peal listed in figure 2 claimed from 4 to 10 "variations" which use only standard calls for the parent methods and, in accordance with Decision (E) A.3, are not entitled to different names.

Figure 2

If any band is unsure how the numbers were arrived at for their peal, I will be pleased to provide details on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.

I also noticed minor discrepancies in the reports of the following peals:

Chairman, Methods Committee

The Ringing World, April 18, 1997, page 402