Doubles peals 1998

I have analysed the peals of Doubles rung during 1998 and published in The Ringing World to date. I found 137 peals; 30 in one method and 82 in from 2 to 84 methods. The remaining 25 contained variations and the reports of the 4 peals listed in figure 1 did not conform with Decision (D) C.4 as they did not state the numbers of methods and variations separately; the correction column shows how they should have been reported.

Figure 1
26AprStoke Ash53329m/v *5m/23v
6JulLinby74742m/v *10m/28v

Moreover, 2 of the peals in figure 1 (marked *) and the peals listed in figure 2 claimed from 1 to 4 "variations" which use only standard calls for the parent methods and, in accordance with Decision (E) A.3, are not entitled to different names.

Figure 2

If any band is unsure how the numbers were arrived at for their peal, I will be pleased to provide details on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.

I also noticed the following minor discrepancies in peal reports.

Chairman, Methods Committee

The Ringing World, April 30, 1999, page 403