Doubles peals 1999

I have analysed the peals of Doubles rung during 1999 and published in The Ringing World to date. I found 148 peals; 36 in one method and 85 in from 2 to 75 methods. The remaining 27 contained variations and I pleased to report that, for the first year ever, the reports of all these peals conformed with Decision (D) C.4.

However the peal at Blyton on 21 December (00/141) claimed 10m/32v including 8 "variations" which use only standard calls for the parent methods. In accordance with Decision (E) A.3, these are not entitled to different names and the peal should have been reported as 10m/24v.

If the band is unsure how the numbers were arrived at for their peal, I will be pleased to provide details on receipt of a stamped addressed envelope.

I also noticed the following minor discrepancies in peal reports.

Chairman, Methods Committee

The Ringing World, May 19, 2000, pages 510 to 511