Methods Committee meeting

Methods Committee meeting

A recent meeting of the Central Council's Methods Committee, held in Rochdale, was attended by all members of the newly-elected committee, and a long agenda kept them occupied for most of the day.

A number of the items under discussion led to the formulation of draft proposals to amend certain decisions of the Council with regard to peal ringing. These included the topic of multiple extents in Minor, and also Doubles and Triples, the vexed issue of odd-bell peals on odd bells, the naming of methods and the definition of variations. Details of the final proposals will be published in due course.

The Committee has at present three main projects in hand: the proposed publication on Method Extension; a revised edition of the Minor book; and Part 2 of the new Doubles Collection. It is hoped that draft material for each of these works will be prepared for the next meeting of the Committee in the autumn. A number of Principles will be included in the new Minor book and contributions are invited for his section; these should be sent to Mr. C. K. Lewis, 52 Wellington Road, Altrincham, Cheshire.

A proposal from the Computer Co-ordination Committee to form a new Triples Collection was also discussed and recommendations passed to that Committee. By the end of the meeting the views of respective members of the Committee on Doubles methods and variations were quite reconciled.


The Ringing World, August 28, 1981, page 769