Methods Committee still concerned

The Methods Committee of the Central Council met again earlier this year, this time at Windsor. The best part of a day was spent in discussions on forthcoming publications, problems arising from the C.C. Decisions and Method Extension.

A draft of the Doubles Collection Part 2 was examined in detail, and it is hoped that this will be ready for publication later this year. The planned collection of Plain methods now runs from Minimus to 22-in (even- and odd-bell stages). This will necessarily be a pilot publication and a limited print-run is being suggested to allow for early revision. The use of computer technology now makes this very much easier, and in general the Committee feels that it should be possible to produce specialised method collections which would not have been contemplated with the old technology.

The Committee is still concerned that the Council last year voted to admit 250 asymmetric Surprise Major methods. After considerable discussion the Committee unanimously agreed that the peal in question conformed to the current Decisions in the band's claim to have defined 500 methods. The problem would appear to lie in the right of the band to name the methods, all being previously unrung. The Committee decided to propose two motions at the next Council meeting which would resolve the issue.

Investigations into method extension continue and it is hoped that a draft publication on the existing rules can be prepared. The Committee is still interested in the possibility of acquiring suitable computer equipment, and the experience of the Peal Compositions Committee in this respect is being closely monitored.

The Ringing World, April 26, 1985, page 359