Methods Committee Meeting

Methods Committee Meeting

The spring meeting of the Central Council Methods Committee was held in Winchester on 12 March. Routine matters of correspondence were discussed, an opportunity for the Committee to endorse and commend the work that largely falls to the lot of the chairman, Tony Smith. Tony has also been energetic in researching material for the forthcoming Principles Collection, which the Committee hopes to see concluded this year.

A large part of the meeting was devoted to putting the finishing touches to the two motions the Committee will bring before Council in May. One concerns Doubles variations and seeks effectively to stem the proliferation of variation names in peals of Doubles by limiting their inclusion to one per extent.

The other motion seeks to add to the Rules of Council on Decision (G) on Method Extension. It is felt that many of the problems that arise from incorrect method extension are caused by the absence of a coherent and convenient account of the Council's rules on extension. This account should rightfully be found in the Council's Handbook along with the other Decisions on methods and peal ringing. Accordingly the Methods Committee has taken great pains to recast the '53 report and the '71 amendment in a form suitable for the Handbook, and a considerable amount of time has been spent on establishing a suitable format and form of words.

The Committee will meet again at Birmingham during the Central Council weekend.

The Ringing World, April 14, 1989, page 339