To the Editor.

Sir,- In accordance with the pledge given last year, I am sending you, on behalf of the Methods Committee, a draft of the proposed names for the “Collection of Minor Methods.” The list is still open to revision, and we shall welcome any criticism, either at the Council meeting or in the columns of your paper. It should be understood that in no case have we ourselves, as a committee, supplied any of these names. We have confined ourselves within the limits laid down by ourselves at the last Council meeting of selection and revision.- Yours faithfully,


Ealing, May 4th, 1928.

Draft list of names of Minor methods in the forthcoming “Central Council Collection.”

1.Plain Bob.15.Thelwall Bob.
1a.Reverse Bob.16.Killarney Bob.
2.Double Bob.17.Horsmonden Bob.
3.Oxford Bob.18.Loch Lomond Bob.
4.Double Oxford Bob.19.Roydon Bob.
5.Hereward Bob.20.Ennerdale Imperial Bob.
6.London Bob.21.Cumberland Imperial Bob.
7.St. Clement’s Bob.22.Windermere Imperial Bob.
8.St. James’ Youths’ Exercise Bob.23.Brentford Imperial Bob.
9.Bala Bob.24.Court.
10.Frodsham Bob.25.Double Court.
11.Stepney Bob.26.College.
12.Canterbury Pleasure Bob.27.Stedman Slow Course.
13.Fulbeck Bob.28.Childwall Court.
14.Lytham Bob.29.Wavertree Court
1.Oxford Treble Bob.16.Shamrock Treble Bob.
2.Sandal Treble Bob.17.Bluebell Treble Bob.
3.Duke of Norfolk Treble Bob.18.Kingston Treble Bob.
4.Burton Treble Bob.19.Norbury Treble Bob.
5.Rochester Treble Bob.20.Daffodil Treble Bob.
6.Morning Star Treble Bob.21.Fuchsia Treble Bob.
7.London Scholars’ Pleasure.22.Foxglove Treble Bob.
8.College Exercise Treble Bob.23.Hyacinth Treble Bob.
9.Nelson Treble Bob.24.Marigold Treble Bob.
10.Chadkirk Treble Bob.25.Trowell Treble Bob.
11.Woodcock’s Victory Treble Bob.26.Overton Treble Bob.
12.British Scholars’ Pleasure.27.Dahlia Treble Bob.
13.Kent Treble Bob.28.Geranium Treble Bob.
14.Killamarsh Treble Bob.29.Norton-le-Moors Treble Bob.
15.Trinity Sunday Treble Bob.
1.Evesham Abbey Delight.19.Bedford Delight.
2.Tewkesbury Abbey Delight.20.St. Albans Abbey Delight.
3.Abbeyville Delight.21.College Bob IV. Delight.
4.St. Werburgh Delight.22.Waltham Abbey Delight.
5.Canterbury Delight.23.Burslem Delight.
6.Crowland Delight.24.Duke of Clarence Delight.
7.Combermere Delight.25.Elstow Abbey Delight.
8.Southwark Delight.26.Burnaby Delight.
9.Vale Royal Delight.27.London Victory Delight.
10.Braintree Delight.28.Kirkstall Abbey Delight.
11.Marple Delight.29.Glastonbury Abbey Delight.
12.Wragby Delight.30.Tintern Abbey Delight.
13.Willesden Delight.31.Sherborne Abbey Delight.
14.Hull Delight.32.Fountains Abbey Delight.
15.Taxal Delight.33.Melrose Abbey Delight.
16.Neasden Delight.34.Pointon Delight.
17.Old Oxford Delight.35.Grove Delight.
18.Merton Delight.
1.Carisbrooke Castle Delight.22.Leasowe Castle Delight.
2.Donottar Castle Delight.23.Richborough Castle Delight.
3.Conway Castle Delight.24.Conisborough Castle Delight.
4.Carnarvon Castle Delight.25.Coventry Delight.
5.Ludlow Castle Delight.26.Evening Star Delight.
6.Warwick Castle Delight.27.Disley Delight.
7.Kentish Delight.28.Chepstow Castle Delight.
8.Berkeley Castle Delight.29.Rostherne Delight.
9.Edinburgh Castle Delight.30.Skipton Castle Delight.
10.Pembroke Castle Delight.31.Knutsford Delight.
11.Wath Delight.32.Belvoir Castle Delight.
12.Pontefract Castle Delight.33.Pevensey Castle Delight.
13.Oswald Delight.34.Dunedin Delight.
14.Kent Delight.35.Ely Delight.
15.Melandra Castle Delight.36.Queen Victoria Delight.
16.Bucknall Delight.37.Wilmslow Delight.
17.Castleton Delight.38.Cambridge Delight.
18.Beeston Castle Delight.39.Francis’ Genius Delight.
19.Chelsea Delight.40.Bogedone Delight.
20.Peveril Castle Delight.41.Fotheringay Castle Delight.
21.Stirling Castle Delight.42.Dover Castle Delight.
1.Munden Surprise.22.Immanuel Surprise.
2.Canterbury Surprise.23.Lightfoot Surprise.
3.Alnwick Surprise.24.Stamford Surprise
4.Morpeth Surprise.25.Wearmouth Surprise.
5.Newcastle Surprise.26.Westminster Surprise.
6.Chester Surprise.27.Annable’s London Surprise.
7.Whitley Surprise.28.Netherseale Surprise.
8.Northumberland Surprise.29.Norwich Surprise.
9.Carlisle Surprise.30.Hexham Surprise.
10.Wooler Surprise.31.Surfleet Surprise.
11.Sandiacre Surprise.32.York Surprise.
12.Coldstream Surprise.33.Durham Surprise.
13.Kelso Surprise.34.Berwick Surprise.
14.London Surprise.35.Beverley Surprise.
15.Wells Surprise.36.Norfolk Surprise.
16.Lincoln Surprise.37.Ipswich Surprise.
17.Cunecastre Surprise.38.Primrose Surprise.
18.Allendale Surprise.39.Cambridge Surprise.
19.Bacup Surprise.40.Hull Surprise.
20.Bamborough Surprise.41.Bourne Surprise.
21.Warkworth Surprise.

The Ringing World, May 11th, 1928, page 294