Methods Committee


(as at 23 June 2022)

74Alderney Lighthouse S.14/144
79Anvil Point Lighthouse S.14/236
88North Gawber D.18/233
92St Kenan D.21/1075
107Bamburgh Lighthouse S.14/236
111Graveley S.10/1234
127Bardsey Lighthouse S.14/317
128Beachy Head Lighthouse S.14/317
130Betty’s 100 S.11/921
132St Ippolyts S.11/138
134Berry Head Lighthouse S.14/745
139Bishop Rock Lighthouse S.20/586
142Adnams Lighthouse S.15/1037
148Ailsa Craig Lighthouse S.15/1061
150Bull Point Lighthouse S.20/586
151Sewell S.15/604
156Caldey Island Lighthouse S.20/586
159Ardnamurchan Lighthouse S.15/1085
161Aloo Gobi S.15/93
162Blue Line S.10/316
165Brinjal S.15/142
166David Bassett S.10/622
170Huskar 170 S.08/952
173Joel Oliver D.10/396
175D-Day D.17/797
198Chapati S.15/190
203Dhansak S.15/236
212Barns Ness Lighthouse S.16/86
214Barra Head Lighthouse S.16/109
215Auskerry Lighthouse S.16/279
220Bass Rock Lighthouse S.16/445
223Bell Rock Lighthouse S.16/628
226Ekoori S.15/287
230Farsan S.15/333
255Suffolk D.13/387
234The Bailey Brothers S.12/12
263Gushtabah S.15/359
266Hari Matar S.15/461
270Idiappam S.15/486
278Bressay Lighthouse S.16/708
281Brough of Birsay Lighthouse S.16/828
283Buchan Ness Lighthouse S.20/586
285Adolphus Meetkerke S.16/924
286Butt of Lewis Lighthouse S.16/973
288Calf of Man (High) Lighthouse S.16/1102
289Calf of Man (Low) Lighthouse S.17/157
291Cantick Head Lighthouse S.17/279
293HMS Illustrious D.11/1118
300HMS Dauntless D.11/1118
304HMS Diamond D.11/1118
312Cressbrook T.B.10/396
321Anya T.B.12/119
331Boudica D.17/302
364Liquorice Allsorts D.09/929
373Lest We Forget T.B.18/1178
378Beer Rule’s T.B.20/564
383Sky T.B.20/609
426Doddinghurst S.10/476
414Abbey Road D.13/678
419Firsts Week D.19/387
429Stisted S.10/224
433Lurgashall S.10/321
437Faulkbourne S.10/122
453HMS Edinburgh D.11/1140
507Jalfrezi S.15/532
510KT S.09/733
512Khorai S.15/581
529St Antony of Egypt D.17/109
541Waltham Cross D.22/231
543Lime Pickle S.15/604
545Mango Chutney S.15/677
549Naan Bread S.15/725
557Lake Huron S.13/537
563Cape Wrath Lighthouse S.17/325
566Casquets Lighthouse S.17/350
567Davaar Lighthouse S.18/1009
569Chanonry Lighthouse S.17/558
570New Zealand S.19/334
574Chicken Rock Lighthouse S.17/581
576Cloch Point Lighthouse S.17/629
583Copinsay Lighthouse S.17/700
587Coquet Lighthouse S.17/751
592Corsewall Lighthouse S.17/923
599Covesea Skerries Lighthouse S.17/1068
603Crammag Head Lighthouse S.17/1068
605Cromarty Lighthouse S.17/1165
606Crow Point Lighthouse S.20/586
608Douglas Head Lighthouse S.19/540
611Dunnet Head Lighthouse S.20/147
612Duncansby Head Lighthouse S.19/922
614Dungeness Lighthouse S.20/147
616Paralympic S.16/1127
617Eddystone Lighthouse S.20/267
619Onion Bhaji S.15/774
621Poppadum & Pickle Tray S.15/820
625Quinoa Laksa S.15/846
630Rogan Josh S.15/894
631Staverton Bridge S.08/521
633Sag Aloo S.15/941
648Big Ben D.08/501
656Mash’s Ruby D.11/1140
667Tikka Massala S.15/994
670TK S.09/1222
672Uttapam S.15/1013
673St Michaels S.12/226
679Eilean Glas Lighthouse S.20/267
683Elie Ness Lighthouse S.21/646
685Esha Ness Lighthouse S.21/806
686Thousandth S.15/939
688Europa Point Lighthouse S.21/969
691Fair Isle (North) Lighthouse S.22/14
692Fair Isle (South) Lighthouse S.
694Farne Island Lighthouse S.22/250
697Fidra Lighthouse S.
699Varuval S.15/1109
700Walor Papdi S.15/1181
703Xacuti S.15/1207
705Yelumincham S.15/1260
710Zafrani S.16/38
712Holmer S.20/16
713Saskia S.09/1195
717Withington S.20/218
732Stale Beer D.13/560
739Croscombe D.16/109
766Save the Children S.20/151
781HMS Liverpool D.12/69
786Afternoon D.15/560
791HMS York D.12/69
851St Brigid of Ireland D.17/157
855St Caedmon D.17/181
863St Eustace of Luxeuil D.17/325
859St Dunchad D.17/302
866St Francis Solano D.17/751
886St Gildas the Wise D.19/311
887Ringing at Bene’t’s is a D.10/174
891St Hildegard of Bingen D.19/209
894Slippery When Wet D.11/896
897St Ivo of Ramsey D.19/311
900St Joavan of Leon D.19/359
913Llanishen D.12/1073
920U.S. and A. D.
942Professor Moriarty D.11/185
945MMCCXXIV D.10/501
992George and Amy’s Wedding S.18/627
1015SDG D.09/826
1025Richard and Barbara’s D.15/941
1033Peter’s Tree S.08/1258
1046Great Amwell S.10/969
1056Thomas Crapper S.10/1065
1063Lake Superior S.13/633
1078Goodness Gracious Great Bells of Fire S.15/93
1093Molly S.12/527
1097South Harting S.11/944
1100Walderton S.13/1033
1102Stedham S.13/881
1104Rogate S.13/657
1121Sully D.11/1315
1130Aspall D.11/1018
1166Horning Sailing Club S.15/846
1173Bath University S.11/317
1314Xanadu D.11/969
1387Bosham D.13/1129
1388Pagham D.13/1292
1451LeCras D.09/543
1467Venturi T.B.10/272
1469Ugglebarnby T.B.08/952
1494Oscar D.18/206
1616Poppy S.15/820
1641Edwalton S.11/365
1654Dinlow S.15/481
1665Kerbey S.14/95
1734HMS Argyll D.12/69
1737HMS Iron Duke D.12/118
1740HMS Kent D.12/141
1760HMS Lancaster D.12/166
1762HMS Monmouth D.12/216
1765HMS Montrose D.12/248
1772HMS Northumberland D.12/276
1774HMS Portland D.12/301
1776HMS Richmond D.12/349
1778HMS Somerset D.12/375
1781HMS St Albans D.12/528
1784HMS Sutherland D.12/624
1787HMS Westminster D.12/720
1790HMS Pinafore D.16/1127
1820Northchapel D.14/236
1840Cromer Lighthouse S.18/699
1843Dubh Artach Lighthouse S.19/849
1850HMS Ocean D.12/744
1853HMS Albion D.12/1073
1858HMS Bulwark D.12/1097
1900Old St Paul’s D.14/593
1904Wellington Cathedral D.14/593
1911Kroy S.11/138
1912Paraskevidekatriaphobia S.11/634
1915Lake Ontario S.13/186
1927HMS Daring S.11/1119
1929Westmill S.10/969
1988Somerville S.20/716
1997Dawn Colley’s 50th S.15/236
2029All Square S.08/865
2039Glazgow S.13/656
2047It’s Trystan’s Birthday Tomorrow S.15/701
2059Redlands Road S.21/365
2068Elsham S.16/595
2076Long-tailed Tit D.14/593
2079Mike’s New Shed D.09/1049
2250Lancot S.10/1234
2260Heavy Metal Band S.15/171
2327Trois Mille S.12/119
2338Let’s Ring! D.19/121
2347Emu D.15/15
2363Lake Erie S.12/1169
2374Lake Michigan S.12/1216