In order to give an incentive to towers in the Andover and Basingstoke Districts of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild to improve their striking, a handsome cup has been presented by Mr. A. W. Alliston, of the Andover District. The first competition for it took place at Overton, Hants, on May 30th, the judge being Mr. C. H. Kippin.

Teams from Andover, Basingstoke, Highclere and Overton took part, being required to ring 240 Grandsire Doubles. For most of the competitors this was a new experience. Overton bells are not the easiest to strike well, and this, coupled with competition nerves and the keen ear of the judge, gave large totals of faults in the score! This was, Overton 124, Andover 160, Highclere 178, Basingstoke (St. Michael's) 186.

The result was announced before the tea, which was provided by the local band and served by wives and friends. Mr. Kippin spared the feelings of individual ringers by maintaining a firm silence on their performance.

The cup was presented to Mr. P. Holmes, deputising as captain of the Overton band for Mr. B. Garrett, who was prevented by illness from ringing. Mrs. Sanders, wife of the local Rector, was asked to present the cup. Since her husband and daughter were members of the team the whole proceedings had a suggestion of being a family affair.

Suitable speeches were made, thanking Mr. Alliston for presenting the cup and Mr. Kippin for judging the contest.

F. A. S.

The Ringing World No. 2516, June 19, 1959, page 404