The inaugural meeting of the newly-formed Andover District was held at Whitchurch on Saturday, February 4th, and was a great success, over 70 members attending from the following towers: Basingstoke, Bramley, East Woodhay, Fareham, Highclere, King’s Somborne, Laverstock, North Stoneham, Oakley, Overton, Portsmouth, Steventon, St. Mary Bourne, Wherwell, Woolton Hill, Whitchurch and Winchester. A welcome visitor was Mr. J. H. Shepherd (Swindon).

Tea was partaken of in the Parish Hall, and the business meeting followed, the Rev. M. S. Douglas being voted to the chair. He was supported by Rev. E. Jones, Rev. A. Lewis, Rev. G. H. Jewdwine, Mr. G. Williams, Mr. A. H. Rogers, Mr. F. Wilson, Mr. H. Horne and others.

The General Secretary (Mr. G. Pullinger) explained the reason for forming the new district, and stated that the following towers had been provisionally placed in it: Andover, Amport, Abbotts Ann, Burghclere, East Woodhay, Highclere, Hurstbourne Priors, Laverstock, Longparish, Nether Wallop, Over Wallop, St. Mary Bourne, Sydmonton, Tangley, Thruxton, Wherwell, Whitchurch and Woolton Hill.

The Rev. F. C. Sear (Sydmonton) was elected district secretary, the Rev. A. Lewis (Wherwell) district chairman, Mr. F. Knapp (Highclere), representative on the Central Committee Mr. R. Rix (Woolton Hill) District Ringing Master, and Mr. O. Smart (Andover) district auditor.

The following bands joined the Guild: Burghclere, East Woodhay, Highclere, Laverstock and Wherwell. This was very encouraging, as these towers had not previously belonged to any ringing organisation.

It was decided to hold the next annual district meeting at Whitchurch on February 2nd, 1929.

Quarterly meetings were arranged as follows: St. Mary Bourne on April 21st, Wherwell and Longparish on July 28th, Woolton Hill and East Woodhay an October 6th.

The bells of Laverstock (six) and Whitchurch (eight) were available during the afternoon and evening, and various methods, ranging from Bob and Grandsire Doubles to Cambridge and Superlative Surprise Major, were practised.

The Ringing World No. 882, February 17th, 1928, page 103