The annual meeting of the Andover District held at Whitchurch [Feb. 2nd] was attended by 36 members from Basingstoke, Highclere, Laverstoke, King’s Somborne, North Stoneham, Overton, St. Mary Bourne, Woolton Hill, Wootton St. Lawrence, Whitchurch and Winchester.

Service was held in the Parish Church, at which the Guild form was used, and an address given by the Vicar.

At the business meeting the district secretary gave a very satisfactory report on the first year’s working of the district, and stated that eight towers were in union, with a membership of 65, and there was every appearance of the Andover District becoming a strong, active branch of the Guild.

The district officers were elected as follows: Chairman, Rev. M. S. Douglas; secretary, Rev. F. C. Sear; Ringing Master, Mr. R. Rex; auditor, Mr. O. Smart; representative of Central Committee, Mr. F. Knapp.

It was decided to hold the next annual district meeting at Whitchurch on February 1st, 1930. Quarterly meetings were arranged to be held at Amport on April 4th, and at Laverstoke and Andover, the dates of the two latter to be decided later.

It was decided to invite the Newbury Branch of the Oxford Guild to hold a joint meeting at Highclere on May 18th.

During the afternoon and evening the fine ring of eight bells was made good use of, touches in various methods from Double to Major being brought round.

The Ringing World No. 935, February 22nd, 1929, page 123