The Andover District of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild decided, at the quarterly meeting on Saturday week [Sept. 12th] at Abbott’s Ann, to divide the district into three areas for the purpose of organising combined practices. In the course of an interesting discussion two points were emphasised, namely, the necessity of instructors and the desirability of experienced ringers visiting towers in their area, especially where there is a young band. The hope was expressed that the second point particularly would be taken to heart by the older and more experienced members of the Guild. The charge was levelled that many were unwilling to visit strange towers, more especially those with only five bells, and it was pointed out that visits to other belfries increased a ringer’s experience, whatever number of bells he was used to ringing, while those who had only five bells to ring often needed more encouragement. To visit and help them made them feel that they were members of a Guild and not isolated units left to get on as best they could. The Guild would like to see every tower possess six bells at least, and it was urged that ringers should do their best to foster the idea, as it was felt that where the ringers themselves were keen, the parishioners would back them up.

As a result of the discussion combined practice areas were arranged as follows: Whitchurch area: St. Mary Bourne, Laverstoke, Longparish and Hurstbourne Priors. Andover area: Over Wallop, Nether Wallop, Abbott’s Ann, Wherwell, Tangley, Thruxton and Amport. Highclere area: East Woodhay, Woolton Hill, Burghclere, Newtown and Sydmonton. The instructors appointed were: Whitchurch area, Mr. F. Cluett; Andover area, Mr. O. Smart, sen.; and Highclere area, Mr. Knapp. The first practices will be at Whitchurch on October 10th, Andover November 7th, Highclere December 5th, all at 5.30, and it is hoped that all who can will attend. The instructors will do all they can to help towers in their respective areas when asked, and it is felt that if the plan is well backed up, great improvement in ringing in the district will result.

The meeting at which these arrangements were made was attended by nearly thirty ringers from Basingstoke, Bishopstoke, Andover, Abbott’s Ann, Highclere, Newtown, Nether Wallop, Over Wallop, Wonston, Whitchurch and Winchester. Service was conducted by the hon. secretary (Rev. F. S. H. Marle), and tea in the Village Hall was followed by the business meeting, at which, in the absence of the Vicar, Mrs. Steedman took the chair.

Abbott’s Ann tower was affiliated as from January 1st, 1922, and the following members of the tower elected: Messrs. E. W. Chaplin, R. H. Annetts, S. Fry, D. Oram and H. H. Warwick. Miss Cross, Miss Roxburgh and Mr. F. Cluett, of Whitchurch, were also elected members of the Guild.

The Ringing World No. 1070, September 25th, 1931, page 624