A very successful evening combined practice was held at St. Mary Bourne on Saturday, March 18th, when about 40 members attended from various local towers, also several visitors from Devizes, whose presence was appreciated and who were made welcome. Some good practice was put in in a variety of methods, ranging from Grandsire Doubles to Cambridge and London Surprise Minor. It was interesting to note the number of boys who were present and taking part in rounds, Grandsire Doubles and Bob Minor, some having to stand on mats, etc., to reach the ropes. However, they got their share of ringing at this meeting.

During the afternoon several members visited Long Parish, a neighbouring village, with a peal of five bells. The object in view was to try to get the local band to join the Guild. To the surprise of the visitors they found a band who could ring Bob Singles very well, so it is hoped that this visit will encourage the company to join the Guild and make further progress. Thus a little more spade work was attempted which is badly needed in all districts.

The Ringing World No. 1148, March 24th, 1933, page 189