The meeting at Longparish of the Andover District proved very popular, judging from the number of cars parked outside the church. The Winchester District were also meeting at Barton Stacey, three miles away, and many of the ringers took the chance of visiting this tower before the service. This was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. Mr. Agg-Large); the Andover quartet sang an anthem to the enjoyment of the congregation of nearly 400. Tea was followed by a short business meeting. For a practice meeting on November 7th, Tangley and Andover were selected, and Highclere for the quarterly meeting on December 19th.

Longparish bells were then available until 7 p.m., when the company adjourned to Hurstbourne Priors. The highlight of the day was a course of London Minor on these bells, which are considered by some to be unringable.

The Ringing World No. 2532, October 30, 1959, page 638