Despite the stormy weather, the quarterly meeting of the Andover Distract at Sydmonton on May 27th, was exceptionally well attended, ringers conning from a wide area to ring on the pretty six bells in the private church in the grounds of Sydmonton Court.

For one member the meeting was the end of a 15 years' dream. When first he looked on these bells in 1946, they were covered with twigs and rubbish up to the headstock. After a silence of 70 years the bells were first rung three years ago to the day - the writer then proving that the bells were not unsafe fox ringing. For amusement there was also ringing on the three bells at Ecchingswell. (There is room in the bell chamber for six bells.)

Canon Sanders, of Overton, conducted the service, and tea and the meeting followed in the Old Burghclere Hall.

Mr. A. W. Alliston was in the chair at the business meeting. The next meeting will be at Amport on September 9th, and the striking competition for the Aird Challenge Cup on Oct. 7th. Ringing followed at Burghclere until 9 p.m.

The Ringing World No. 2619, June 30, 1961, page 441