For 1922 to 1933 there was a competition for the Aird Cup, rung on the front six of St. Nicholas' Church, Newbury, followed by a slap-up supper, provided by Mr. Malcolm Aird, the donor of the cup.

This cup contest has now been revived. It is open to all towers in the Andover District and was held at Burghclere on October 7th, the judges being Mr. R. Crook and Mrs. D. Pearce, of Bucklebury.

After tea the judges announced the result: 1 Burghclere "A" 4 faults (120 Grandsire), 2 Burghclere "B" 16, followed by Highclere "A" 19, Andover 22½, Longparish 37½, Highclere "B" 43, Woolton Hill 48, Whitchurch 50. Presenting the cup the Rector of Burghclere (Mr. Ince) expressed his pleasure that his teams were first and second. Ringing to suit all tastes followed at Burghclere, Newton and Highclere and ranged from Stedman Minimus to Mixed Triples and Major.

The Ringing World No. 2636, October 27, 1961, page 722