The annual general meeting of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild was held at Southampton on Saturday last [July 5th], when nearly 80 ringers were present from various towers in the Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Christchurch, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester Districts. The visitors included Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Richardson (Surfleet), and Mr. J. M. Cripps (Shoreham-by-Sea). The peals of eight at St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s were available to the members during the afternoon and evening, and were used to full advantage. The business meeting was held in the Chantry Hall, presided over by the Master (Mr. G. Williams), supported by the hon. treasurer (Rev. Evan Jones) and the general secretary pro tem. (Mr. F. W. Rogers). Mr. G. Pullinger (late hon. secretary) was also present.

The balance sheet showed a balance in hand of £48 15s. 1d. on the general account, and £23 16s. in the special purposes fund.

The election of officers (other than ex-officio) resulted as follows: Master, Mr. G. Williams; hon. treasurer, Rev. Evan Jones; recorder of peals, Mr. H. R. W. Aitken; auditor, Mr. G. Smith; Central Council representatives, Messrs. H. Barton and G. Williams.

Owing to the regretted resignation of the general secretary earlier in the year, it was necessary to elect a successor, Several prominent members were asked to carry out the duties, but declined, and as a last resource Mr. F. W. Rogers offered to carry out these duties for the ensuing year, or until such time as a permanent secretary could be found.

A discussion took place on the subject of Guild hymns and prayers at Sunday services, and also on the relationship between clergy and ringers. As the proposer of this motion was unable to be at the meeting, it was decided to defer it until the proposal could be fully explained.

On the question of the new Guild certificate, a rough sketch, drawn up by Mr. W. H. Fussell, was on view, and it was approved in principle and left to the sub-committee to decide on its final design. Mr. Fussell was thanked for his kind services.

Mr. E. C. Merritt (St. Peter’s, Brighton) was elected a compounding member.

After proposals that either Portsmouth, Christchurch or the Isle of Wight should be the venue of the next annual festival, it was decided by vote that it should be held at Carisbrooke and Newport on Saturday, July 4th, 1931. The secretary was also instructed to invite the Bishop of Portsmouth to be the special preacher.

The Guild service was held in St. Mary’s Church, at which the Vicar of Highfield (Rev. A. W. Chute, O.B.E.) was the preacher.

An excellent tea was served in the Chantry Hall, after which votes of thanks were accorded the Rector of St. Mary’s and the Vicar of St. Michael’s for the use of the respective peals of bells.

At the conclusion, the members adjourned to the two belfries for ringing until 8 p.m., the standard methods and Superlative, Cambridge, London and Bristol Surprise Major being rung.

The Ringing World No. 1007, July 11th, 1930, page 447