The annual general meeting was held at Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, on Saturday, July 4th, when nearly 100 members and visitors were present. The visitors included Mr. and Mrs. R. Richardson (Surfleet), Messrs. W. J. Rawlings (Beckenham) and E. A. Young (London). The annual meeting was held in the Sunday School under the chairmanship of the Master (Mr. G. Williams), who was supported by the Rev. Evan Jones (treasurer) and Mr. F. W. Rogers (general secretary).

In presenting his report, the Master said that on the whole the year 1930 should be considered satisfactory, both as regard finance and membership. According to the district reports, 91 honorary and 626 performing members have paid during the year. It will be seen the sum of £43 8s. 9d. has been received by the treasurer, whilst a sum of over £30 is shown as balance in district secretary’s hands.

The annual district meetings have been exceptionally well attended, and it has been most gratifying to see such a large number of young ringers coming on.

Regarding progress in change ringing, this should be shown in the peal recorder’s report, but he added that, according to their numbers, they should show a much larger number of peal ringers, as it is the most enthusiastic peal ringer whose aim is good striking, and who make the most reliable Sunday service ringer; the continuity of practice and learning new methods lead up to this.

He was glad to see such enthusiasm amongst the six-bell ringers in the Alton District, and congratulated them on scoring several 5,000’s on six bells, and it had occurred to him that as this district has had an uphill struggle since its formation three years ago, it may be worth the Guild s consideration whether the towers of Petersfield, Steep, East and West Meon and Bramshott can be added with advantage, without being any detriment to the huge Portsmouth District.

Very little bell restoration had taken place during the year, beyond the rehanging (and a new 6th bell) in ball bearings of the noble ring at Christchurch Priory, and the overhauling of the six at Bishop’s Waltham, both by Taylor and Co. It was a matter of regret the project to add two trebles to the latter was not pushed forward, as the frame is already constructed to receive them.

The Guild’s thanks were especially due to the hon. and life members for their support, and to the officers for their co-operation during the year.

The treasurer’s report and balance sheet and the peal recorder’s report were unanimously adopted and each thanked for his services.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Master, Mr. G. Williams; secretary, Mr. F. W. Rogers; treasurer, Rev. Evan Jones; recorder of peals, Mr. C. E. Bassett; auditor, Mr. G. Smith; Central Council representatives, the Master and Mr. H. Barton.


A draft copy and enlarged drawing of the proposed new certificate, designed by Mr. W. H. Fussell (Slough), was submitted to the members. It contains the photos of the two cathedrals in separate panels and the coats of arms of the cities of Winchester and Portsmouth (revised), also the arms of the sees of the two dioceses. It was agreed that it was indeed an elaborate design, and it was unanimously decided to adopt the same, and that Mr. Fussell be heartily thanked for his splendid work.

On the recommendation of the committee, it was agreed to vote a sum of £2 2s. to the Stedman Tercentenary Fund. Mr. W. J. Rawlings (Beckenham) was elected a compounding member, and Messrs. A. Butler and F. Sibley (Southampton) full members.

It was decided to hold the next annual meeting at Christchurch on Saturday, July 2nd, 1932.

Votes of thanks to the Vicars of Carisbrooke and Newport for the use of their bells, and for the use of the Church Hall were accorded unanimously.

After the meeting, the members of the Guild, to the number of about 100, proceeded to Carisbrooke Parish Church for service. While the congregation were assembling, a touch of 252 changes of Stedman Triples was rung as a welcome to the Bishop of Portsmouth (Dr. Neville Lovett, C.B.E.), who addressed the congregation.

The Bishop and Clergy joined the ringers at tea at the Waverley Hotel, and the choirboys were also entertained by the ringers.

After tea, both the towers of Newport and Carisbrooke were open and the ringers made good use of the bells in all methods including Superlative, Cambridge and London Surprise Major.

The Ringing World No. 1060, July 17th, 1931, page 462