The 67th annual meeting was held at Newport, Isle of Wight, on July 5th, and was attended by nearly 60 members and friends. Despite the large holiday crowds travelling by boat, ringers visited the island from the following towers: Basingstoke, Bishopstoke, Bramley, Bournemouth, Brockenhurst, Blackmoor, Deane, Fareham, Eling, Highclere, Hayes (Kent), New Alresford, Petersfield, Portsmouth (Cathedral and St. Mary's), Ringwood, Southampton, Titchfield, North Stoneham, Wonston and also towers in the island.

At the outset of the meeting the Master (Mr. G. Williams) welcomed the various ringers and visitors, and the Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight, in reply, extended a hearty welcome to all to the island in the name of the various incumbents.

The meeting was presided over by the Master, supported by the hon. general secretary (Mr. F. W. Rogers), hon. treasurer (Mr. W. Linter) and the Archdeacon. Several apologies for non-attendance were received.

The treasurer, in presenting the accounts as published in the annual report, observed that they were satisfactory in most respects, but warned members that in order to meet increased costs it might be necessary to raise the annual subscription or to find other ways of either increasing receipts or reducing expenditure.

Mr. Rose (Eling) suggested that the allowance usually made on teas at district meetings be withdrawn, but this did not receive a favourable view, as, after the districts had rendered their quota to the central fund, they were at liberty to spend the remainder as directed by the district.

An increase of 126 ringing members was reported during the year, and the accounts showed a balance in hand of £338.

The Guild officers were re-elected as follows: Master, Mr. G. Williams; hon. general secretary, Mr. F. W. Rogers; hon. treasurer, Mr. W. Linter; hon. auditor, Mr. G. Smith; recorder of peals, Mr. A. V. Davis; representatives on Central Council, Messrs. G. Williams, F. W. Rogers, G. Pullinger and the Rev. K. W. H. Felstead. A vote of thanks to the officers for their services during the past year, proposed by Mr. W. R. Melville, was unanimously received.

The proposed revised Form of Service as drawn up by a sub-committee comprising Canon E. A. Berrisford (Bramshott), the Rev. F. S. H. Marle (Deane) and the Rev. K. W. H. Felstead (Southampton) was presented by the Rev. Marle and was approved, with minor alterations. The Archdeacon suggested that as a trial it might be used that evening at the Guild service, the Vicar of Newport (Canon W. B. Hogg) saying that it would give him the greatest pleasure to conduct it.

A detailed report of the Central Council meeting at Exeter, especially covering the points raised by the Guild's representatives, was given by Mr. G. Pullinger, for which he was heartily thanked. It was suggested that the date of future annual general meetings be altered so that they would be held before the Central Council meetings, but after a discussion it was felt that no change was warranted. It was decided to hold next year's annual meeting at Andover (where the bells have been recently restored) on the first Saturday in July.

A discussion arose on the question of increasing the Guild's income, and on the proposition of Mr. Upton (Newport), seconded by Mr. Hunt (Portsmouth), it was suggested that the subscription be raised from 2s. to 2s. 6d. for ringing members. Mr. Tucker (North Stoneham) objected to the increase fearing a loss of membership, but it was eventually agreed to place it on the agenda of the next annual meeting to take effect as from January 1st, 1949.

An appeal was received on behalf of the restoration of the bells at Wolverton, and it was unanimously agreed to make a grant of £10 to the scheme.

This concluded the business, after which votes of thanks were accorded those concerned, especially Mrs. A. M. Guy, Isle of Wight district secretary, who had made all the arrangements which ensured the success of the meeting.

Tea was served in the Unity Hall, after which the members attended a Guild service in Newport Parish Church, at which the Vicar officiated and the Archdeacon of the Isle of Wight addressed those present. Further ringing took place in the evening at the various towers.

The Ringing World No. 1895, August 1st, 1947, page 368