Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild


The annual general meeting was held at Southampton on July 2nd, and was representative of all districts of the Guild.

At the business meeting the Rev. K. W. H. Felstead was elected to the chair, pending the election of a new Master to succeed the late Mr. George Williams. The accounts showed a deficit on the year's work of £29 17s. 2d., which it was hoped to meet by the increased subscription and other economies.

The election of officers resulted as follows: Master, Mr. G. Pullinger; hon. gen. secretary, Mr. F. W. Rogers; hon. gen. treasurer, Mr. W. Linter; hon. auditor, Mr. G. Smith; recorder of peals, Mr. A. V. Davis; one representative on Central Council, Mr. C. H. Kippin.

The report of the Central Council meeting held at York was presented by Mr. G. Pullinger, stressing the points of general interest discussed.

A sub-committee, consisting of the three principal officers and all district secretaries, was appointed to examine the question of the re-allocation of certain towers in districts where working had become unwieldly. The districts were also invited to adopt a rota of meetings which had been drawn up, with a view to avoiding any undue clashing of meetings in adjacent districts. This is to be introduced after the next annual district meetings.

Owing to the death of the architect of Portsmouth Cathedral and pending the appointment of a new architect, the request of the Cathedral authorities to defer any memorial scheme for the time being was agreed to.

On the question of a memorial to the late Master (Mr. G. Williams) it was agreed to provide a bookcase to house all his ringing books, which had been left to the Guild, and to examine further a proposal possibly to augment the bells at North Stoneham, at which church he was closely connected for a great number of years and for which a national appeal would be made.

It was decided to hold the next annual meeting at Portsmouth on July 1st, 1950, a proposal to hold it on Easter Monday being defeated.

It was agreed to send congratulations to Canon Spencer Leeson (Rector of St. Mary's, Southampton) on his preferment to the See of Peterborough.

The Guild service was held in the Chantry Hall, conducted by the Rev. K. W. H. Felstead, followed by tea.

During the day the two peals of ten at St. Mary's and St. Michael's, and in the evening Netley, were available to the members.

The Ringing World No. 1997, July 15th, 1949, page 331