The meeting was held in Whitchurch Centre on Saturday 6 July 1974 following the Guild service in All Hallows Church. 121 members were present. The Master, Mr R R Savory, occupied the Chair, supported by the Hon General Secretary, Mr D C Jackson, and the Hon General Treasurer, Mr K S B Croft.

The Master welcomed members and visitors, and mentioned that changes of Guild Rule 5 were responsible for the 15 years intervening between this and the previous AGM in the Andover District. He thanked all concerned with the excellent arrangements made for the day.


The Gen Secretary had received apologies from Mr and Mrs L D Smith and Mr L V Smith of Fawley, Mr and Mrs W Harris of East Meon, Mr C E Bassett, the Alton and Petersfield District Secretary, Mr W Cheater of Ringwood, Mr L Bailey the Guild Auditor, Miss V Ball, the Isle of Wight District Secretary, Mr and Mrs J Rolph of Wickham, Rev P Robbins, the Basingstoke District Chairman, Mr M Palmer of Micheldever, the Yateley band and Mrs M Croft of Southampton.

Verbal apologies were received from Miss A Palmer, Mrs G Davis, Mrs G Northway, Mr G Hartless, Mr and Mrs Bilt, and from the Editor of the “Ringing World”.


The meeting stood in silence as a token of respect to the following deceased members:

Mr W Ryves and Mr B Bowerman - Curdridge Tower;
Mr A York-Bramble - Portsmouth Cathedral (Honorary Life Member);
Mrs Milburn - Life Associate Member.


Part of these had been duplicated and circulated. The remainder were read and signed by the Master.


(a) Mr Hartless had undertaken the preparation of a tape on ringing for Mrs Sullivan. It was about complete.

(b) Guild Certificates were selling well and had already covered their initial outlay. Mr Fry was overseeing their distribution.

(c) The Channel Island towers had been contacted. One had replied, rather unenthusiastically.

(d) Privett bells were ringing again. Mrs Kippin mentioned that help was clearly needed at their Thursday practice.


Letters of thank had been received from Havant PCC and from Fordingbridge PCC following the despatch of grants from the Bell Restoration Fund. A letter from Ely Diocesan Association thanked the Guild for providing help in setting up its new Bell Restoration Fund. The Bishop of Winchester had written to thank us for our hospitality at the Guild Dinner. The flowing sheets draped around the walls of the hall were computer printouts from the Central Council 1972 Sunday Service Ringing Survey. Finally, a letter from the St Martins Guild invited the Guild to contribute to the memorial for the late George E Fearn. There was some discussion as to whether such contributions should be personal rather than Guild. Finally, Mr F E Collins proposed, and Mr Colley seconded, that we send a token contribution of £5. This was carried nem-con.


Mr M J Butler reported that the Library now contains a complete bound set of “Ringing Worlds”, up-to-date. A full set of Guild Reports was in the Library, with the exception of that for the triennial period 1963 - 65.

This report was adopted on the proposition of Mr Fry, seconded by Mr C Butler. Mr Thomas promised to supply the missing Guild Report.

Mr F E Collins proposed and Mr M J Butler seconded that we obtain a copy of the new Central Council publication “Towers and Bells Handbook”. This was carried nem-con.


Printed copies of Mr D T Matkin’s report had been circulated, and a copy is attached to these Minutes. Mr Matkin commented that peal ringing continued to thrive and that the outstanding feature this year was the record number of “first-pealers”.

The Report was adopted on the proposition of Mr Fry, seconded by Mr A V Davis, with thanks to Mr Matkin for his hard work.


Mr G K Dodd, the Junior Member, gave, in his inimitable style, a detailed, abbreviated account of the CC Meeting in Exeter, during the Spring Bank Holiday, May 1974. He commented in particular upon the useful open meetings and the very poor ringing arrangements.


Mr D C Jackson gave a summary of the year’s events, and of the findings from the 1973 tower questionnaire.

His report was adopted on the proposition of Mr M J Butler, seconded by Mr Wimlett, with thanks to Mr Jackson.


Mr R. Green stated that copies of the 1973 Annual Report had only that week been received by him, due to the industrial disputes affecting work at the printers. By pruning contributions and by various alterations in the layout, we were receiving 800 copies for £134 i.e. within the Printer’s quotation. £10 had been obtained by the inclusion of an advertisement for the “Ecclesiastical Insurance Company” inside the back cover. Details of bells in the Channel Islands were included. A report from Southampton University had not been forthcoming.

There was a spontaneous demonstration of thanks following Mr Green’s comments


The Executive Committee proposed that the words in brackets “(but a donation of £5 shall entitle such a member to become a ‘Life Associate Member’)” be deleted. This was carried nem con.


The two trustees representing the two diocese, Mr F E Collins and Mr R Green, gave brief accounts of the progress of the fund. Mr K S B Croft gave details of the balance sheet, printed as page 50 of the Annual Report. He also announced that, as of this point in time in 1974, the fund stood at 1226-27.

Mr A P Smith proposed and Mr Thomas seconded that the election of two trustees for the next triennial period he held over until all other elections under Item 22 had been completed. This was carried.


Applications had been received from Sherfield-On-Loddon and from Tangley. The Trustees recommended that a token grant of £50 be made to Sherfield-On-Loddon and £25 to Tangley. Both applications reported that the majority of the cost had already been raised.


The following had completed 50 years’ membership of the Guild:

Mr S Moody, Newport; Mr W Scott, Newport; Mr G Scragg, Christchurch Priory; Mr L Smith, Fawley; Mr F Taylor, Carisbrooke; Dr J B Williamson, Godshill.

Their election as Honorary Life Members was proposed by Mr Colley, seconded by Mr Hatfield, and carried.


The Master announced that once again the Royal Hotel was fully booked for April, and that Dinner Day would have to be Saturday 3 May. A few members suggested a possible change to a larger venue, but several spoke in favour of continuing at the Royal Hotel. Mr C Butler proposed and Mr M J Butler seconded that we continue to use the Royal Hotel as the venue for the Dinner. This was carried.


No plans could he made for the 1975 competition until a committee had been elected, All the previous members were re-elected as follows:

Mr F E CollinsProposed Mr G K DoddSeconded Mr Colley
Mr K S B CroftProposed Mr F E CollinsSeconded Mr Fry
Mr D C JacksonProposed Mr F E CollinsSeconded Mr Tonge

and confirmed by the meeting.


Mr Colley had distributed yellow sheets and grey sheets to the meeting. A copy of the letter is attached to these Minutes. He invited questions concerning the grey sheet, and asked everyone to pin up or pass on the yellow sheet. He confirmed that an application form was due soon, and that there would be opportunity for a feedback session after the tea


Mr K S B Croft announced that the new Guild membership badges, based on the winning design submitted by Mr A V Davis, were now available and cost 50p each. Mr W Croft would be selling them during tea.

At this point there was a break for a most excellent tea served by the Whitchurch band in the cafeteria. During this break votes of thanks were accorded to the Vicar, the Organist, the local band, Mr M Goss the District Secretary, and to the incumbents of the 33 churches made available for ringing. £38 was taken from the sale of badges and £5-60 was raised for the Bell Restoration Fund with the aid of a spotted dog.


Mr D Jackson presented the ten outline suggestions formulated by the sub-committee (a copy is attached to the Minutes). Considerable discussion ensued, and Mr Jackson recorded all the suggestions arising from the meeting. Mr F E Collins proposed and Mr A V Davis seconded the re-election of the sub-committee for another year. This was carried nem-con.


Elections for the triennial period 1974 - 1977 took place as follows:

  1. Central Council Representatives

    Messrs G Nabb, W Perrins and D Dewar were proposed by Mr W Croft and seconded by Mr James Croft.
    Mr K S B Croft was proposed by Mr F E Collins and seconded by Mr A V Davis.
    Mr G K Dodd was proposed by Mr M J Butler and seconded by Mr C Butler.
    Mr J Hartless was proposed by Mr A V Davies and seconded by Mr B Peachey.
    Mr R Green was proposed by Mr D C Jackson and seconded by Mr L Hatfield.

    On a paper ballot, the votes were as follows:

    Mr Dodd 62; Mr Perrins 61; Mr Croft 57; Mr Green 48; Mr Nabb 29; Mr Hartless 21; Mr Dewar 15.

    The first four were elected.

  2. Master

    Mr K S B Croft was proposed by Mr A P Smith and seconded by Mr D Dewar, but declined to stand against the present master.
    Mr R R Savory was proposed by Mr M J Butler and seconded by Mrs Kippin.
    Mr G K Dodd was proposed by Mr R Green and seconded by Mr Hargreaves.

    Mr A P Smith proposed and Mr D Dewar seconded that voting should not be secret. This was carried by a large majority. On being put to the vote, Mr Savory received 52 votes and Mr Dodd 22. Mr Savory was declared elected.

  3. Hon General Secretary

    Mr Jackson did not wish to stand for re-election.

    Mr Green was proposed by Mr D Dewar and seconded by Mr G Nabb. He was elected.

  4. Hon Peal Recorder

    Mr Matkin did not wish to stand for re-election.

    Mr B Fry was proposed by Mr D Matkin and seconded by Mr G Nabb. He was declared elected.

    Mr Hartless asked that the outstanding work performed by Mr Matkin as peal recorder for years be specially mentioned in the Minutes, and there was spontaneous agreement.

  5. Hon Librarian

    Mr D C Jackson was proposed by Mr A P Smith and seconded by Mr R Green, but declined to stand.

    Mr M J Butler was proposed by Mr W Perrins and seconded by Mrs Thomas. He was declared elected.

  6. Hon Report Editor

    Mr G Nabb was proposed by Mr D Dewar and seconded by Mr B Fry. He was declared elected.

  7. Hon Auditor

    Mr L Bailey was proposed by Mr M Thomas and seconded by Mr M J Butler. He was declared elected.


Winchester Diocese -
Mr F E Collins was proposed by Mr M J Butler and seconded by Mr A V Davis.
Mr W Perrins was proposed by Mr R Green and seconded by Mr A P Smith.

Mr Collins received 44 votes to Mr Perrins’ 20, and was declared elected.

Portsmouth Diocese -
Mr E Colley was proposed by Mr A P Smith and seconded by Mr D Dewar.
Mr L Hatfield was proposed by Mr R Green and seconded by Mr C Butler.

Mr Colley received 42 votes to Mr Hatfield’s 11, and was declared elected.

1975 AGM

Mr F E Collins proposed and Mr Kippin seconded that this be held in the Portsmouth area on Saturday 5 July 1975. This was carried nem-con.


Mr A P Smith suggested that the Guild should think in terms of one year of office except for its Central Council Representatives. There was little support for this suggestion.

There being no other business, the Master closed the meeting at 19:00 hours.