1. Opening Prayer and Master's Welcome

    The Master, Rev B J Fry, supported by the Honorary General Secretary, D C Jackson, and the Honorary General Treasurer, M Bubb, opened the meeting at 2.02 by sounding the Essex Trophy bell, and welcomed the 89 members present.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Apologies were received from:-
    Mrs J Le Conte, H L Hatfield, L Duguid, G Evenden, Miss A Longman, B Oakes, R Knight, Mrs E Chapman, N White, P Tomes, T Matcham, Miss V Powell, A Barnsdale, D Forder, Bramshott band, Southampton City Centre band, Hordle band, North Stoneham band.

  3. Loss of Members through death

    The meeting stood in silence to respect the following deceased members:-
    J Bramley (Wimborne/Hinton), W Clift LM (Bramley), A V Davis LM (Christchurch), R Hassell LM (Overton), Mrs M Marshallsay LM (Bournemouth), J Newman (Kingsclere), J Perkin (East Meon), W Trevitt (Fordingbridge/Sherfield English), G E Turner LM (Ringwood), Mrs E Wyatt (Godshill).

  4. Minutes of the 1988 AGM

    Minutes of the 1988 AGM held at Petersfield had been circulated in 1988. The minutes were approved on the proposition of A P Smith, seconded by B F Peachey.

  5. Matters Arising

    a) The Master reported that a Guild team had entered the Essex Trophy striking competition at Reigate and had won. The trophy was displayed at the meeting and the Master congratulated the team on their performance and thanked R LeMarechal for organising the band.

    b) The Secretary reported that the Guild library was now installed at Christchurch Priory and arrangements for obtaining access were given in the Annual Report.

    c) R M Esbester reported that Guild ties were now available in three colours, with or without stripes, at £5.50 each. Districts had been given stocks and R M Esbester asked for sale proceeds to be forwarded to him as soon as possible.

    d) The Secretary reported that the Guild Calendar for 1989, produced by D Holmes, had sold well in most districts and only a few copies were still available. A show of hands indicated that there was a demand for a 1990 calendar and D Holmes agreed to consider producing this. The Master thanked D Holmes for his work on the Calendar.

    e) Guild Badges were now available at £1 each.

    f) R Cater reported that the Sparsholt ringing course appeared to have been a success and he thanked those who had made towers available and also those who stood in as helpers on the course.

    g) W O Haythorne asked if any progress had been made with regard to insurance cover for ringers over 75. The Secretary advised that it had not been possible to find an insurer willing to quote for personal accident cover for persons over 75 and that therefore the matter was now closed.

  6. Correspondence

    a) The Secretary had received messages of thanks from the following, who had received or had been promised grants from the BRF:
    Woolton Hill, Nether Wallop, St Michael's Basingstoke, Wooton IOW, and Newport.

    b) A prize in a recent competition in the RW had been won by G Barrett of Portsea who had donated his winnings to the BRF.

    c) R Cater, as Chairman of the Central Council Education Committee, had asked the Guild to consider sponsoring students to attend the CC Ringing school to be held at Pershore. The Master suggested that districts might like to consider sponsoring members to attend the 1990 Ringing School as the Andover district had done for a number of years.

    d) The Secretary had completed and returned a questionnaire relating to a CC survey of unringable bells.

    e) The Secretary reported that the 1989 Essex Trophy striking competition was to be held at Ashford on 16 September and that R LeMarechal had agreed to organise a band.

    f) In 1981 the Guild had pledged £50 to the CC rescue fund for redundant bells. The Guild had lent £50 towards the recent rescue of Todmorden bells and the money had now been returned. The CC had asked if the Guild would reconsider the amount pledged and the Master proposed that the amount should be increased to £100. This was seconded by M Waldron and carried nem con.

  7. Honorary Life Members

    It was reported that the following members would complete 50 years membership of the Guild during 1989 and therefore became Life Members in accordance with rule 6d:
    Patrick Page (Portsmouth District), Andrew Taylor (Basingstoke), Tom Drew (Romsey), and Jack Page (Romsey).

  8. Treasurer's Report and Accounts

    Adoption of the report and accounts, printed in the Annual Report, was proposed by R Milford, seconded by Mrs C Colliss and carried nem con. The Master thanked M Bubb for his work for the Guild.

  9. Guild Officers Reports

    All the remaining officers reports, as printed in the Annual Report, were adopted on the proposition of M Thomas, seconded by A Craddock.

  10. Bell Restoration Fund

    Adoption of the Report and Accounts, as printed in the Annual Report, was proposed by Mrs G Davis, seconded by P Hill, and carried nem con.

    On behalf of the Trustees, M Waldron outlined the requests for grants received and the recommended grants as follows:

    a) Abbotts Ann. Augmentation to a ring of 6 by Taylors costing £6073. The proposed grant was £650.

    b) Bramshott. General refurbishment including some new headstocks by Taylors at a cost of £8075. The proposed grant was £800.

    c) East Meon. Rehanging for 1990 centenary by Taylors, but with cost reduced to c.£19000 by local ringers doing some of the work. In addition donors will provide funds for augmentation to 10. Proposed grant £2000.

    d) Hursley. Rehanging and augmentation to 10 by Whitechapel and M Waldron. Total cost increased by £2,800 to £14000. Proposed supplementary grant £300.

    e) Old Alresford. General repairs to make ringable by M Waldron at a cost of £1000. Proposed grant £100.

    M Waldron proposed that the recommendations of the Trustees should be accepted. This was seconded by F E Collins and carried nem con.

    It was reported that a sixth bell had already been cast for the augmentation of Southwick and that dedication services for various new bells had been arranged as follows:

    Wednesday 12 July7.30pmAbbotts Ann
    Sunday 16 July11.00amBramshott
    Sunday 30 July6.00pmNewport
    Saturday 30 September3.00pmHursley

  11. 1988 Guild Report

    Mrs R Jackson reported that the Annual Report had been distributed to Districts at the striking competition on May 13. At this point the Master expressed his thanks to Mrs Jackson and all the other officers for their work on behalf of the Guild.

  12. Items relevant to the Guild arising from the 1989 Central Council Meeting

    A T Collins reported on the open meeting at which aspects of the National Survey of Ringing, particularly relating to Guilds and Associations, were discussed. The results indicated, amongst other things, that the more active districts were those with the more active leaders and that it seemed that the number of people who attended district practices etc. seemed to be inversely proportional to the size of the district. Many tower captains had been in post for some time, and it appeared that older tower captains found it harder to keep young ringers.

    At the main meeting members stood in silence in memory of past members who had died, including Arthur Davis who had attended 15 meetings up to 1975. Other matters discussed were BRF grants which seemed to average 10% of the cost of works and the general level of income to funds which seemed to be running at twice the level of grants.

    The week 17 - 24 September 1989 was to be Church Urban Fund week and it was hoped that all towers would be able to ring on those two Sundays.

    A P Smith then addressed the meeting reporting that there were now over 200 CC members. The South Africa Guild had been accepted as a member of the CC and their representative was P Belgeonne - a member of the Winchester District. Council had been advised that in the 1990 RW diary Sunday would be reinstated as the first day of the week.

    The Master thanked A T Collins and A P Smith for their reports. R Cater asked if the Guild would be considering the results of the CC Survey of Ringing. The Master felt that this would be a matter for the Executive Committee to consider and the Secretary suggested that members should approach their Executive Committee representative if there were any points which they wished the Committee to consider.

  13. Change of Rule 19

    A P Smith explained the change of rule which was proposed by the Executive Committee. The proposed new wording (underlined ) was as follows:-

    "… An account of each peal including details of compositions on seven bells and above, together with the peal fee for each ringer participating, shall be sent to the Honorary Recorder of Peals within one month of the peal being rung …"

    Following discussion, an amendment was proposed by J Colliss that the words "on seven bells and above" should be omitted from the proposed change of rule. This was seconded by P Hill. On being put to the vote, the amendment was lost. The proposition was then put to the meeting and carried. The Master advised that the change of rule would take effect from 1 January 1990 in accordance with rule 23.

  14. Election of Officers

    Mrs G Davis, the immediate past Master, took the Chair at the invitation of Rev B J Fry.

    a) Guild Master. Rev B J Fry was proposed by D Chapman, seconded by B Peachey. There were no other nominations and B Fry was elected nem con. Rev B J Fry in the Chair.

    b) Honorary General Secretary. D C Jackson was proposed by Mrs G Davis, seconded by F E Collins, and elected.

    c) Honorary General Treasurer. M Bubb was proposed by Mrs J Le Conte, seconded by R M Esbester, and elected.

    d) Honorary Peal Recorder. R LeMarechal was proposed by J Colliss, seconded by M J Daniels, and elected.

    e) Honorary Report Editor. Mrs R Jackson was proposed by B J Fry, seconded by Mrs F Webster, and elected.

    f) Honorary Librarian. Mrs K Matthews was proposed by N White, seconded Mrs G Davis, and elected.

    g) Guild Public Relations Officer. Miss J Reed was proposed by R Cater, seconded by Mrs G Cater, and elected.

    h) Trustee of the Bell Restoration Fund (Winchester Diocese). M Waldron was proposed by F E Collins, and seconded by J Colliss. M Waldron advised the meeting that he now sometimes acted for the Whitechapel Bell Foundry in a professional capacity and that there might be a possible conflict of interest because of this. The Master reported that M Waldron had also mentioned his concern to the Executive Committee, but since there were four other Trustees of the BRF there was unlikely to be any difficulty. F E Collins felt the Guild was fortunate to have M Waldron's knowledge and expertise. There being no other nominations, the Master declared M Waldron elected.

    i) Trustee of the Bell Restoration Fund (Portsmouth Diocese). R M Esbester was proposed by A Case, seconded by W Harris, and elected.

    j) Four Representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers. There were five nominations as follows:-

    R Caterproposed R LeMarechalseconded D Chapman
    A T Collinsproposed P Hillseconded Mrs C Hill
    D C Jacksonproposed Mrs G Davisseconded F E Collins
    Mrs H Peacheyproposed D Jacksonseconded A Hoar
    A P Smithproposed R M Esbesterseconded J Colliss

    Following a discussion, ballot papers were issued and the following elected to represent the Guild:-
    R Cater, A P Smith, A T Collins, D C Jackson.

  15. Appointment of Honorary Auditor

    C H Kippin was proposed by F E Collins, seconded by M J Butler, and elected.

  16. Election of Striking Competitions sub committee

    The Secretary reported that following the last Executive meeting, at which a change to the striking competitions rules had been discussed, the sub committee had tendered their resignation en bloc. Mrs C Hill mentioned that the sub committee had already made most of the arrangements for the 1989 competitions before resigning. M Waldron enquired whether, on being given an assurance that no slight had been intended to the sub committee, the members were willing to be re-elected. Mrs Hill and A T Collins did not wish to stand, but M Powell indicated that he would stand for re-election. The following were proposed:-

    M M Powellproposed M J Churchseconded R M Esbester
    M B Houghproposed J Collissseconded A Johnson
    S P Noyesproposed B J Fryseconded Mrs R Jackson
    J P Collissproposed A P Smithseconded B J Fry

    There were no other nominations and the above were elected nem con.

  17. 1990 Annual General Meeting

    The meeting would be held on Saturday 7 July 1990 in the Andover District.

  18. Any Other Business

    a) R Cater advised that he was considering arranging a North America ringing tour in April 1990.

    b) Mrs R Jackson reminded the meeting that as from 11 July her telephone number, and that of the Secretary, would be changed to 0703 292966 as shown in the Annual Report.

    c) M Hough suggested that space might be saved in the Annual Report by deleting the unringable 3 bell towers. It was mentioned that the Report did, not contain a complete list of these towers in any event.

    d) R Milford advised that All Saints, Botley was no longer an unringable 3, and practices were now held on Tuesdays from 7 until 8pm with Sunday ringing at 9.30am and 6.00pm.

    e) Mrs H Peachey suggested that a Guild sweatshirt might be produced. There was general support for this and the Master asked Mrs Peachey to investigate the matter with a view to reporting to the November Executive Committee meeting.

    f) R Milford advised the meeting that the 1989 Guild Barn Dance was to be held on 7 October 1989 at Eastleigh Technical College with tickets at £3.75. There was some discussion regarding the Annual Dinner, and a show of hands indicated a majority of those present favoured a formal dinner with short speeches.

    g) B Peachey commented that of the 89 members present, very few were under 21 and he invited the meeting to consider what could be done to alter this situation. R Green pointed out that only one of the elections for posts filled at the meeting had been contested and he felt that this was not a very healthy situation. P Hill felt that it should be possible to get more than 10% of the members to attend the AGM and District Secretaries were asked to include an item on their next Agenda to consider whether anything might be done to improve the attendance figures such as changing the date or format of the AGM. W O Haythorne suggested a system of appointing assistants to the principal officers with a view to encouraging new recruits.

    There being no further business the Master closed the meeting with prayers at 4.23pm.