1. Opening Prayer and Welcome

    The Master, Rev Barry Fry, supported by the Honorary General Secretary, Derek Jackson, the Honorary General Treasurer, Michael Bubb, and the Minute Secretary, Andrew Case, opened the meeting at 6.17 with a prayer.

    Andrew Craddock, the Chairman of the Winchester District, then welcomed the Guild on behalf of the Winchester District, and thanked Elizabeth Johnson and Derek Jackson for making the arrangements for the day. Andrew Craddock suggested that the meeting might like to bear in mind the Winchester District’s code for meetings - the 4 Cs: to be concise; clear; constructive; and civil.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    Apologies were received from:-
    Jane & Phil Le Conte, David & Christine Holmes, Gilian Davis, Michael Church, Christine & Peter Hill, Fred & Olive Collins, Mr Whistler (Snr), Mr Whistler (Jnr), Mr & Mrs P Handley-Garland, Margaret Aylieff, Simon Longlands, Antony Townsend, Andrew Johnson, Barry & Heather Peachey, Hugh Hill, Martin Bolt, John Croft, Jessie Kippin, All Saints Basingstoke band, Kim Matthews, Barbara Townsend, and Outram Haythorne.

  3. Loss of Members through death

    The meeting stood in silence to respect the following deceased members:-
    Maurice J Butler (Southampton)
    John Hatch (Old Alresford)
    Marion Holmes (Overton)
    Charles Lovett (St Mark, Jersey)
    Alistair Neal (Christchurch)
    Robert Pound (Hawkley & East Meon)
    Andrew Taylor (Life Member - St Michael, Basingstoke)
    Lt Cdr Geoffrey Wardle (Crawley)
    Ernest Whitfield (Life Member - Ringwood)
    Fred Whitear (Micheldever)

    The meeting also remembered Tom Lock of North Mymms, Hertfordshire, a former Woolton Hill ringer and a member of the band of “Hampshire born thousand pealers”

  4. Minutes of the 1991 AGM

    Minutes of the 1991 AGM held at Portsmouth had been circulated in 1991. The minutes were approved on the Master’s proposition.

  5. Matters Arising

    1. Ringing Simulator. Mark Esbester reported that two simulators had been tried out at Hambledon and that, as a result, the Portsmouth District were considering purchasing their own simulator.

    2. The Secretary advised that the Purple forms offering lifts and/or accommodation to ringers from the Isle of Wight/Channel Islands had been passed to the appropriate District Secretaries.

    3. Roy LeMarechal reported that a team had been entered for the Essex Trophy striking competition.

  6. Relevant correspondence

    1. The Guild had been invited to enter a band for the Essex Trophy striking competition to be held on 19 September 1992 at Southover, Lewes. The Master agreed to try to organize a band to ring.

    2. A letter from Newbold on Avon sought funds for bell restoration. Members were reminded that the Guild’s usual practice was to leave such matters to individual members to consider whether they wished to make a donation.

    3. Letters of thanks had been received from Christchurch for a BRF grant paid, and from Rotherwick for a grant promised.

    4. A letter had been received from Alan Buswell enclosing papers by the late A York-Bramble. Tony Smith was perusing these and would then pass them to the Librarian.

    5. Thanks had been received from Jack Wimlett and Jessica Hovell for a card sent to congratulate them on their engagement.

  7. Honorary Life Members

    On behalf of the Alton and Petersfield District, the Executive Committee proposed the election to Life Membership of Cecily Roberts of Steep in recognition of her outstanding service to the Guild. This proposal was carried unanimously.

  8. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts

    Adoption of the report and accounts, printed in the Annual Report, was proposed by Keith Williamson, seconded by Tony Smith and carried nem con.

  9. Guild Report for 1991

    Ruth Jackson reported on the production of the Report mentioning that the Guild owed a great debt to John & Ceri Dodd and Ian McCallion who had saved the Guild approximately £300 by getting the report ready for printing.

  10. Guild Officers Reports

    There were no questions to the Officers about their reports, but Cecily Roberts pointed out that sponsored ringing for St Lukes Hospital for the Clergy, mentioned in the Secretary’s report, had raised a total of £19,000.

    Derek Jackson said that he had enjoyed a marvellous 15 years as Secretary, and that he and Ruth had always been made extremely welcome at Annual District meetings. He and Ruth were pleased that they felt they could regard all Guild Members as personal friends.

  11. Bell Restoration Fund

    The Treasurer advised that he was concerned about the number of members who were covenanting their donations to the BRF. There were currently only 11 members with covenants and the Treasurer felt that a reasonable target would be to have covenants from 10% of the membership. The Report and accounts of the Bell Restoration Fund were accepted on a proposition from Tony Smith, seconded by Peter Clarke.

    On behalf of the Trustees, Martin Waldron outlined the requests for grants received and the recommended grants as follows:

    1. All Saints, Basingstoke. The Trustees considered that only one of the items mentioned in the grant request was eligible for a grant, this being repairs to the tower roof to make the roof watertight. Cost £1,344, proposed grant £135.

    2. Sacred Heart, Bournemouth. Refurbish clappers. Cost £191.87, proposed grant £20.

    3. All Saints, Catherington. Repointing and stitching of tower brickwork. Cost £2,397, proposed grant £250.

    4. St Mary, Longstock. Martin Waldron expressed thanks to Longstock because they had advised that they had now raised funds to pay for their work and hence no grant would be required.

    5. St Andrew, Nether Wallop. Augmentation to 6. Cost £5,906, proposed grant £600.

    6. St Nicolas, North Stoneham. Repair/replacement of bell frame supports. Cost £8,532, proposed grant £850.

    7. St Peter, Petersfield. Some new gudgeons and bearing housing. Refurbishment of clappers. Cost £5,300, proposed grant £530.

    8. St Stephen, Sparsholt. Bells to be tuned and rehung. Possible augmentation to 6. Cost £25,000, proposed grant £2,500.

    9. Winchester Cathedral. Rehanging and augmentation, but grant only sought towards the cost of the two new trebles. Cost £9264 plus vat, proposed grant £1250.

    The total proposed grants was £6,135, the income to the BRF in 1991 being £5375.80. The suggested grants were proposed by Martin Waldron, seconded by Mark Esbester and carried nem con.

  12. Reports of representatives attending Central Council President’s seminar at Southwark on 28 March 1992

    The seminar had been attended by Derek Jackson, Gail Cater, Brian Oakes, and Steve Noyes. At the morning session, the National Survey and its follow up were discussed and in the afternoon the Guild’s delegates each attended one of the four group sessions. Derek Jackson reported on the maintenance group which heard how different guilds operated their BRF and how grants were allocated. It was pointed out that not many Guilds followed up work done after grants had been given. It was mentioned that maintenance training sessions usually attract members who don’t attend other meetings.

    Gail Cater joined the group discussing recruitment and training, but the group did not have many new ideas which had not been tried in this Guild at some time. In mentioning future plans of the Education Committee, Gail sought suggestions from members and the Master asked that members should respond individually to Gail.

    Brain Oakes attended the session on fund raising, but felt that a lot of time was taken up discussing what funds were needed for, rather than new ways of raising them. There was discussion about the use of covenants and subscriptions and the use of high interest bank accounts. Most fund raising was usually done by ringers with most money being donated by ringers which was perhaps not the ideal solution.

    Steve Noyes reported on Guild and Association organization. This group discussed Association boundaries, the structure of different societies, the various activities carried on by Guilds, and the sorts of meetings and other social events arranged.

    The Master expressed thanks to those who had attended the seminar on behalf of the Guild.

  13. Central Council Document on the Representation of Societies

    Tony Smith summarized the paper and indicated that he would be happy to elaborate on any matter anyone wished to raise with him. There was some discussion, following which the Master asked for a show of hands to indicate support for the proposals. This show of hands indicated 1 against the proposals and several not particularly interested.

  14. Matters relevant to the Guild from the 1992 Central Council Meeting

    Terry Collins reported on the Councils discussion regarding the involvement of English Heritage in Church/bell restoration projects. The message was to be very wary of agreeing to the terms of any undertaking to English Heritage required by them as a condition of giving a grant for works. This was because English Heritage reserves the right to veto future projects under the terms of some of the undertakings which have been entered into in the past.

    There had been some progress on the establishment of ringing centres and the current thinking was that the Council should encourage the setting up of centres with a small amount of “pump priming” finance rather than to itself try to establish ringing centres.

    The Secretary reported on the Central Council open meeting which discussed the Council for the Care of Churches Code of Practice for the Conservation of Bells and Bellframes. The main points were brought out by Dr J Baldwin whose comments were reproduced in the Ringing World of 19 June.

  15. Election of Officers for the period 1992-1995

    The Secretary in the Chair

    Master: Revd B J Fry was proposed by John Colliss, seconded by Roy LeMarechal and elected.

    The Master in the Chair

    The Master expressed thanks to Derek Jackson for all his efforts on behalf of the Guild and presented Derek with an illuminated card as a token of the Guild’s gratitude to him.

    Honorary General Secretary: Bob Cater was proposed by Derek Jackson, seconded by Gilian Davis and elected.

    Honorary General Treasurer: Michael Bubb was proposed by Miss H E Tucker, seconded by Mrs J Scott and elected.

    Minute Secretary: Andrew Case was proposed by Derek Jackson, seconded by Richard Green and elected.

    Honorary Peal Recorder: Roy LeMarechal was proposed by Andrew Craddock, seconded by Barry Fry and elected.

    Honorary Report Editor: Ruth Jackson was proposed by Michael Bubb, seconded by John Dodd and elected.

    Honorary Librarian: Kim Matthews was proposed by Simon Smith, seconded by Faith Webster and elected.

    Guild Public Relations Officer: Ian McCallion was proposed by Joyce Croft, seconded by Bob Cater and elected. The Master thanked Joyce Croft for all her work as Public Relations officer for the last seven years.

    Trustees of the Bell Restoration Fund
    Winchester Diocese: Martin Waldron was proposed by Michael Bubb, seconded by Ruth Jackson and elected.
    Portsmouth Diocese: Mark Esbester was proposed by Steve Noyes, seconded by Andrew Case and elected.

    Representatives to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (four):
    Bob Cater was proposed by John Colliss, seconded by Sue Craddock
    Terry Collins was proposed by David Hughes, seconded by Keith Williamson
    Andrew Craddock was proposed by Roy LeMarechal, seconded by Elizabeth Johnson
    Derek Jackson was proposed by Gilian Davis, seconded by Fred Collins
    Tony Smith was proposed by Martin Waldron, seconded by Mark Esbester.

    Following a ballot, the following were elected:
    Bob Cater, Andrew Craddock, Derek Jackson, and Tony Smith.

  16. Appointment of Honorary Auditor

    Peter Clarke was proposed by Derek Jackson, seconded by Ruth Jackson and elected.

    The Master expressed grateful thanks on behalf of the Guild to the retiring Honorary Auditor, Charles Kippin.

  17. 1993 Annual General Meeting

    The meeting was to be held on 3 July 1993 in the Bournemouth area. Patrick Matthews reported that the district had arrangements in hand and were proposing to have a social event on the Friday and Saturday evenings with further ringing on Sunday. A show of hands indicated that a majority of those present would prefer an evening business meeting.

  18. Any Other Business

    1. The Master proposed a vote of thanks to the Vicar of Romsey and the Abbey organist. Also to Elizabeth Johnson and Derek Jackson for the meeting arrangements and all the towers whose bells were rung earlier in the day.

    2. Mark Esbester conducted a draw for the 200 Club. The winners were: Brian Oakes; Jamie Esbester; Katy Hill; Sue Craddock; Martin Hough; Dennis Chapman; Barbara Handley-Garland; and Malcolm Powell.

    3. Bob Cater reminded the meeting that the first official ringing at Winchester Cathedral following the rehanging and augmentation would be in September and there would be an open afternoon on 17 October when other towers would also be available. He asked that members should please attend the open day rather than before that date so that the Cathedral ringers are not overwhelmed by visitors.

    4. Joyce Croft conveyed thanks on behalf of John Croft to the Guild for accepting the framed certificate and Guild Map which had been presented to Ken Croft.

    5. John Colliss advised that the next striking competition would be the inter district 12 bell competition to be held at Newport, Isle of Wight on 26 September.

    6. Ian McCallion mentioned that he considered the meeting had been unnecessarily long and asked that the Executive Committee should try to find ways to make the meeting shorter. In particular he felt that the Central Council items should be confined to matters relevant to the Guild and not general items of interest which would be reported anyway in the Ringing World.

    There being no further business the Master closed the meeting with a prayer at 8.32 pm.