The inaugural meeting of the new Alton District was held at Alton on Saturday, January 21st, when 24 ringers attended from Alton, Binsted, Blackmoor, Farnham, King’s Somborne, North Stoneham, Portsmouth and Winchester.

Mr. G. Williams (Master of the Guild) presided at the business meeting and was supported by the Rev. B. C. Taylor, Mr. W. Andrews, Mr. W. Read, Mr. Perry and others, and at the commencement expressed his regret that more clergy were not present. He proceeded to give the reasons for forming the new district, and stated that the following towers had been placed in it: Alton, Privett, Chawton, Binsted, Froyle, Ropley, Blackmoor, Hawkley, Froxfield, Liss, Selborne and Newton Vallence. Bramshott, although in the area, had expressed a wish to remain in the Portsmouth District, but the chairman thought that when it was seen that an Alton District would be more convenient and handy for them, the Bramshott band would be anxious to transfer to the Alton District.

Considerable discussion arose over the point brought forward by the Alton band, that they did not think the new district was required or workable. However, it was finally decided that the only way to work the towers in the area was by forming a new Alton District.

Rev. F. G. Eyres (Blackmoor) was elected district chairman, Rev. B. C. Taylor (Binsted) district secretary, Mr. Read (Blackmoor) representative on the Central Committee, and Rev. E. Dennett (East Worldham) district auditor (subject to his consent).

It was decided to hold the first quarterly meeting at Binsted on Saturday, May 12th, and that the dates and places of the next annual meeting and two more quarterly meetings be decided at that meeting.

During the afternoon and evening, touches of Grandsire Doubles, and Triples, Stedman Triples and Bob Major were rung on the fine peal of bells at St. Lawrence’s Church.

The formation of the new district will enable new ground to be worked, as, owing to the large size of the old Winchester District, there were many towers at which a Guild meeting had never been held.

The Ringing World No. 881, February 10th, 1928, page 91