The quarterly meeting held at Liss on May 10th was a pleasant one in spite of the cold and showery weather, and was attended by ringers from Blackmoor, Bramshott, Petersfield, Rogate and Winchester. Most of the ringing was done at the ‘old’ Church of St. Peter, where there is a ring of six. Liss is a growing place. There is a new church, near the railway station, where a tower is being built, and the suggestion has been made that the bells should be transferred there from the old church, now but little used. Mr. J. P. Fidler, of Messrs. Taylor and Co., Loughborough, happened to be present at the meeting, and was able to give the Rector some valuable advice on this matter. During the afternoon some of the party visited Hawkley, two miles distant, and tried the bells there. The Guild service was conducted by the district secretary, and the Rector (Rev. S. N. Sedgwick) was at the organ, and also gave one of his characteristic addresses, brief, thoughtful and inspiring. Tea was served at the Spread Eagle, where the chairman (Rev. F. G. Eyres) presided over a company of twenty-three, which included the Master (Mr. G. Williams) and Mrs. Williams, Rev. S. N. Sedgwick, Mr. F. S. Bayley (Titchfield) and Mrs. Bayley, Mr. W. Andrews (Winchester), Mr. J. P. Fidler (Loughborough), and Mr. W. Read and Mrs. Read.

At the meeting which followed, the Chairman referred to the recent death of Rev. E. Dennett, Rector of East Worldham. He was an hon. member who had always taken great interest in the Guild, and had been district auditor, an office which he only resigned last January on account of failing health.

Three new members, all of Liss, were elected, which seems to show that there is a good prospect of the band being re-formed there. The incumbents of Liss, Hawkley and Newton Valence were also proposed for election as hon. members. In proposing a vote of thanks to the chairman, the Master commented on his regular attendance at the meetings, which he considered a shining example worthy of record.

The Ringing World No. 1002, June 6th, 1930, page 362