The Alton District have the privilege of an annual invitation to Froyle from Sir Hubert Miller, Bart., who is a life member of the Guild. This year the members were fortunate in having a fine day [April 23rd], which has not been the case hitherto, and a thoroughly enjoyable meeting was the result. The bells of St. Mary’s Church were kept going during the afternoon, and after the Office had been conducted by the hon. secretary, the ringers walked across the park to the Shrubbery House, where they were entertained to tea. There were 24 present, including the chairman (Rev. F. G. Eyres), the Master and Mrs. Williams, the Vicar of Froyle, Mr. Wilfred Andrews, Mr. and Mrs. Read, ringers from Alton, Bishopstoke, Blackmoor, Froyle, Privett and Winchester.

On this occasion the business meeting is always reduced to a minimum to have more time to enjoy the garden, but a few items had to be attended to, which were soon disposed of - the meeting at Petersfield on May 24th, the next meeting fixed for Privett on June 25th, and the election of five new members.

The Chairman expressed the thanks of all to the host, who assured the members that they were always welcome, after which they spent a considerable time admiring the rock garden and the other beauties of the place, under the guidance of Sir Hubert and Mr. Gerald Robinson.

The Ringing World No. 1102, May 6th, 1932, page 303