A quarterly meeting of the Alton District was held at Froyle on April 22nd. This annual fixture was favoured with beautiful weather, and a large number of ringers attended to accept the hospitality of Sir Hubert Miller. Ringing began in good time and continued till 4.30, when the Guild service was conducted by the Vicar (Rev. C. H. Sangster), with Mr. Stroud (Frensham) at the organ. Tea was served at the Shrubbery House, when Sir Hubert personally entertained the ringers, and expressed his pleasure at seeing so many present. The party numbered 33, representing, in addition to the local band, the towers of Alton, Blackmoor, Bramshott, Frensham, Liss, Steep and Winchester Cathedral.

In the regrettable absence of Rev. F. G. Eyres (chairman of the district), Mr. Wilfred Andrews proposed a vote of thanks to Sir Hubert Miller, which was seconded by Mr. Read, and carried with applause.

A stroll round the grounds, in the full perfection of their spring beauty, was much enjoyed by all before ringing was resumed.

The Ringing World No. 1155, May 12th, 1933, page 295