The second annual meeting of this district was held at Petersfield on Saturday, January 26th, when members were present from Alton, Bishopstoke, Blackmoor, Bramshott, East Meon, Hawkley, Liss, North Stoneham, Petersfield, Privett, Portsea and Steep. Mr. George Williams (Ringing Master) and the Rev. E. Bankes James also attended, making a total of 37. The bells were rung during the afternoon and evening to the standard methods. The Guild's service was held and tea was afterwards served at Hall's Cafe. The Rev. F. G. Eyres (district chairman) conducted the business meeting.

The accounts and balance sheet were read and adopted, and the Ringing Master complimented the district on its general and financial position.

All the district officers were re-elected for the ensuing year. Dr. J. P. Gabbatt, of Liss, was elected an honorary member, and five ringing members were elected from Bramshott, Hawkley and Petersfield.

The next annual meeting was fixed for January 25th, 1936, at Alton, and the next quarterly meeting for April 13th, 1935, at West Meon.

Votes of thanks were accorded the chairman, the organist (Mr. R. G. Harwood), and the Rev. C. Minton-Senhouse for officiating.

The Ringing World No. 1247, February 15th, 1935, page 103