A quarterly meeting of the Alton and Petersfield District of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild was held at Liss on July 23rd. Those present, who numbered 32, included Mr. G. Williams (Guild Ringing Master), Mr. F. W. Rogers (hon. general secretary), the Rev. C. Minton-Senliouse (district vice-chairman), the Rev. H. W. Gooch (Rector of Liss), and ringing members from Alton, Blackmoor, Froyle, Hawkley, Liss, New Alresford, North Stoneham, Bishopstoke, Petersfield, Portsea, Ryde, Steep and Southampton, and two compounding members. Mr. O. Sippetts, of Crawley, was also present. The new ring of bells in St. Mary's Church, recently installed by Messrs. Mears and Stainbank, were rung during the afternoon and evening from rounds to Spliced Surprise Major, and in the evening the six bells of St. Peter's Church were also rung. The Guild's service was conducted by the Rector. Tea was partaken of in St. Mary's Hall, where, before the business meeting, the company had the pleasure of hearing a record of spliced handbell ringing in five methods by members of the Hertford County Association. Mr. E. J. Munday, of Liss, kindly supplied the apparatus for reproducing this excellent performance.

At the business meeting, the Rev. C. Minton-Senhouse presided in the absence of the district chairman. Twelve new ringing members were elected from Liss and two from Steep.

The next quarterly meeting was fixed for October 22nd at Chawton. An evening practice meeting was arranged to take place at Steep. A letter of thanks to the anonymous donor of the new ring of eight bells at Liss was sent from the meeting, through the Rector and the Archdeacon of Manchester, who have acted on his (or her) behalf.

Votes of thanks were accorded the Rector of Liss, the organist and the caterers.

The Ringing World No. 1428, August 5th, 1938, page 506