A quarterly meeting of the Alton and Petersfield District was held at Binsted on July 21st. This most out-of-the-way tower in the District had not been a meeting place for many years owing to the state of the bells and lack of ringing interest locally. However, in the past few months the new Vicar (the Rev. H. E. Gant) has gathered together about a dozen young people, who, under the leadership of Mrs. Gant (captain), have learned to handle and can ring rounds well. At the Guild service the Vicar welcomed the Guild and gave an amusing but instructive address. Tea was served in the Institute, to which 28 sat down.

The Vicar was elected an honorary member, and the following ringing members from Binsted tower were elected:- Mrs. P. E. Gant, the Misses G. W. C. Stretton, S. Jones, H. M. Cain, Mrs. White, Messrs. A. E. R. Knight, P. E. Knight, B. L. Newport and P. W. Collins.

The Ringing World No. 2368, August 17, 1956, page 524