The Basingstoke District, on Saturday, November 20th, considered the question of the Winchester Diocesan Guild’s status owing to the impending division of the diocese. It was pointed out that the district had already recorded a resolution in favour of division.

However, it was resolved that the district should support the proposal for the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocese to rentain affiliated whilst the Guildford Diocese should form a new Guild, and this was carried, only a small portion of the meeting recording their votes.

A correspondent writes: ‘Respecting the vote taken on Saturday at our district meeting at Basingstoke on the question of the division of the Guild, I think many member were influenced chiefly by the decisions reached at the Guildford and Portsmouth District meetings, and therefore did not record their vote at all.

‘With the members in the new dioceses, after referring the matter to their Bishops when they are appointed, will rest the ultimate decision, and I personally think that no pressure should be exercised by members living in the Winchester Diocese, and who will, of course, remain in the Winchester Guild to restrain, or even advise, those in the proposed new dioceses from carrying out their obvious duty as loyal churchmen and especially as loyal church workers. It is, of course, always open to all the present members to remain members of the old Guild, but the diocese is always regarded as the unit of church life, and ringers should regard it as a privilege to work under the undivided control of their own Bishop. After all, the real useful work of Guilds is done in the districts, and it does not seem to matter much, except for veneration for an older name, under which Guild a ringer carries on.’


The annual meeting of the Basingstoke District of the above Guild was held on Saturday, November 20th, at Basingstoke. A record number was present, the members numbering between 50 and 60 and including visitors from Aldershot, Eastleigh, Winchester and Mortimer (Berks). Touches of Grandsire and Stedman Doubles and Triples and Plain Bob and Treble Bob Major were rung during the afternoon and evening. Divine service was held in St. Michael’s Church, followed by tea in the Church Cottage, where the annual meeting took place.

The chief item, which naturally caused a feeling of sadness, was the resignation of the highly esteemed and efficient secretary of the district, the Rev. C. D. P. Davies, who, after nine years of useful work, is shortly retiring from the parish of Deane and removing from the district.

A hearty vote of thanks and gratitude was accorded to him. To fill his place, Mr. Davies had induced the Rev. H. T. Adams, Rector of Silchester (whose band of ringers joined the Guild during the past year) to consent to allow his name to be put before the meeting, and he was duly elected with acclamation.

Following the precedent of electing a new Master each year, the retiring Master (Mr. W. Hunt, Oakley) proposed Mr. C. Osler (Bramley), and he was elected. Mr. J. Chesterman (Basingstoke) was elected representative on the Central Committee, and Mr. F. Wilson was re-elected auditor.

Meetings during the coming year are to be held at Odiham (spring), Andover (summer), and St. Mary Bourne (autumn). Twelve new probationers were proposed, including the whole band at St. Mary Bourne.

The Ringing World No. 819, December 3rd, 1926, page 762