The annual meeting of the Basingstoke District was held at Basingtoke on Saturday [Nov. 26th], and was a great success, over ninety members and visitors attending from Basingstoke (All Saints’ and St. Michael’s), Bramley, Oakley, Overton, Whitchurch, Andover, Highclere, Woolton Hill, Silchester, Yateley, Ellisfield, St. Mary Bourne, Sherfield, Dummer, Odiham, Steventon, North Stoneham, Winchester and Newbury.

The Guild’s service was held at St. Michael’s Church, and the address given by Rev. H. W. Boustead, D.D. Afterwards, the members sat down to a splendid tea in the Church Cottage, which was provided by the generosity of the Basingstoke ringers.

At the business meeting, which followed the tea, the Rev. H. W. Boustead, D.D., was voted to the chair, and among those present were Rev. E. Jones (district secretary), Rev. T. S. Adams (Silchester), Rev. G. H. Jeudwine (Oakley), Mr. G. Williams (Master), Mr. G. Pullinger (general secretary), Mr. Curtis (secretary, Newbury District, Oxford Guild), and others.

Following the usual routine business, the general secretary gave a report of the special meeting which was held at Southampton on October 22nd, at which a joint Guild for the dioceses of Winchester and Portsmouth had been formed.

Following the decision to rearrange the districts, the present Basingstoke District is to be divided into the two new districts of Andover and Basingstoke, and it was decided to hold the inaugural meeting for the new Andover District at Whitchurch on February 4th, and that for the new Basingstoke District at Basingstoke on February 18th.

The present district officers consented to carry on until the new districts are brought into being.

Mr. G. Williams spoke on the question of getting the clergy generally interested in the Guild and ringing, and urged the clergy present to do all they could in this direction.

The bells of St. Michael’s and All Saints’ Churches were available for ringing during the afternoon and evening, and a variety of methods practised.

The Ringing World No. 871, December 2nd, 1927, page 764