The Basingstoke District were the guests of the Church Oakley ringers, a band at present consisting of ladies only, on September 16th. Over 50 members attended, and the proportion ot young beginners was even higher than at recent meetings of the District. The Guild Office was conducted by the Rector, the Rev. K. H Jackson, and tea at the Rectory was followed by further ringing.

The young ladies of Church Oakley must be congratulated on their redecoration of the ringing chamber, the walls being painted in a pleasing primrose tint. A screen is shortly to be erected at the west end of the nave, under the tower arch. This is to be associated with the name of the late Marcus Lee, who was for many years captain of the tower; it will be dedicated on the evening of Monday, November 6th.

The Ringing World No. 2948, October 20, 1967, page 757