Another eight bell tower is being added to the Winchester Guild. Bishopstoke, Hants, being now in possession of an octave soon to be ready for ringing. The first 720 (Bob Minor) on the front six, which are already hung, was rung on Friday by: A. Wilson 1, E. Aliffe 2, G. Pullinger 3, O. H. Giles 4, G. Grant 5, W. T. Tucker (conductor) 6. It was the first 720 by A. Wilson and E. Aliffe. The 7th and tenor bells arrived the same day from the foundry of Messrs. Llewellins and James, of Bristol, who are carrying out the work.

The Ringing World No. 1267, April 22nd, 1921, page 225


The silver jubilee of the bells at Bishopstoke, Hants, was celebrated on Sunday, June 23rd. The day was kept as “Ringers’ Sunday,” and in the afternoon a special service was held. Many parishioners and others were also able to make their first inspection of a belfry and see ringing in actual operation.

Bishopstoke possesses three 16th century bells. They are inscribed: “In God is my hope, 1589”; “Give thanks to God, 1598” and “Seek the Lord, 1600.” Two other bells were added in 1910, the gift of Mr. Henry White, and were first rung on June 22nd of that year. It is the jubilee of this event that has just been celebrated. The octave was completed in 1920, when three tenors were added as a war memorial. The sixth is inscribed, “Peace”; the seventh, “Thanksgiving”; the tenor, “Victory.” The tenor, it is interesting to note, was cast from the old clock bells from the railway carriage works at Eastleigh, and were presented by the directors of the old London and South-Western Railway Co. as a memorial to the men of the L. and S.W.R. who fell in the Great War.

There were ringers present at the jubilee service from Bishopstoke, Basingstoke, Bishop’s Waltham, Dibden, Gillingham (Dorset), North Stoneham, Southampton, Winchester, Upham, Owslebury, Winchester and Uckfield (Sussex). Among those present were three who took part in the opening of the ring of five 25 years ago, Messrs. C. Ayliffe, G. Grant and W. T. Tucker. Three ringers also took part in the service, viz., Mr. V. H. Harris, diocesan lay reader, who read the lesson; Mr. R. C. H. Connolly, of North Stoneham, who was at the organ; and Mr. G. Griffin, of Bishopstoke, who acted as organ blower. The address was delivered by another ringer, the Rev. E. Bankes James, whose text was “There go the ships” (Psalm civ., 26).

Both before and after the service touches of Cambridge Major, Double Norwich, Kent, Stedman, Bob Major and Grandsire were rung.

The Ringing World No. 1267, July 5th, 1935, page 432