A special meeting of the Christchurch District of the Winchester Diocesan Guild was held at Milford-on-Sea, on Saturday, October, 15th, those present including Mr. G. Preston, Mr. Elliott, Mr. W. Andrews, and members from Christchurch, Brockenhurst, Lymington, Winchester, North Stoneham and the local band.

At the business meeting, which was held in the tower, the Vicar (Rev. H. M. Larner) presided, and was supported by Mr. Manders and Mr. Pike, churchwardens.

The General Secretary of the Guild (Mr. G. Pullinger) said the meeting was arranged for the purpose of meeting the Vicar and churchwardens to consider if anything could be done in the way of rehanging the present ring of five bells, and, if possible, to add at least one more bell as a memorial to the late Vicar, Rev. C. E. Matthews, who had been connected with the Guild for over forty years, during which time he had held the posts of secretary, treasurer, master, and, finally, vice-president. There was £33 earmarked in the funds of the Guild for the purpose of restoring Milford bells, which was a scheme that their late vice-president had contemplated. With this sum, together with subscriptions, which he thought could be raised, the Guild would add a bell to their late vice-president’s memory, if the Vicar, churchwardens and Church Council would proceed with the work of restoring their present old ring of five and put in a new frame for six.

The Vicar, in reply, expressed his pleasure and that of the churchwardens in welcoming the Guild to Milford. He knew that the Rev. C. E. Matthews had taken a great interest in bells and ringers, and was aware that he had started a scheme before his death for the restoration of Milford bells. He thought there was nothing more appropriate to his memory than that the Guild’s memorial should be a ‘name’ bell, added to the present peal of five after they had been put in order; in fact, he was greatly in favour of having a complete octave. The whole question would be laid before the Church Council at their meeting to be held during the week, together with the Guild’s generous offer, for which he heartily thanked the members.

Messrs. Andrews, Elliott and Tucker also spoke in favour of the scheme, and the Vicar said that no effort should be spared to get the scheme under way.

After various touches of Doubles had been rung, the members proceeded to Lymington, where a splendid tea was provided for them by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott.

After tea, the bells at Lymington were available, and Grandsire and Stedman Triples and Bob Major practised.

The Ringing World No. 867, November 4th, 1927, page 695