The annual meeting of the Christchurch District of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild took place on Saturday, December 7th. The ringers attended a special service in the choir of the Priory at 4 p.m., the Guild form being used.

The Rev. H. N. Larner, Vicar of Milford-on-Sea, gave the address. The other clergy present were the Rev. Canon W. H. Gay, Rev. A. B. Bennett, Rev. Dr. M. C. Potter and Rev. C. A. Phillips, secretary of the East Dorset Branch of the Salisbury Guild, and members from Bournemouth, Brockenhurst, Lymington, Lyndhurst, Christchurch, Ringwood, Poole, Sopley, Milford-on-Sea, Wyke Regis, and Mr. R. H. Dove, of Croydon. Tea was provided at the King’s Arms Hotel, followed by a business meeting.

Apologies were received from Mr. G. Williams, Master of the Guild, Mr. G. Pullinger, general secretary of the Guild, Mr. Bennett, Bournemouth, Mr. Ravenscroft, Mr. Hardman and Mr. England.

The balance sheet showed the receipts to be £14 17s., and the expenditure £6 13s., including £3 for instruction given, leaving £4 6s. 7d. to the general fund and £3 16s. 7d. as balance to the district.

The following officers were elected for 1930: Mr. E. C. Elliott, Chairman; Mr. G. Preston, hon. secretary and ringing master; Mr. F. Sparshott, representative to the Central Committee; and Mr. A. N. Wooff, auditor. Mr. Preston thanked the meeting for re-electing him as their secretary for the twenty-sixth time, and said that during that time the district had grown from 25 members to over 100.

It was decided to hold meetings during 1930 at St. Peter’s, Bournemouth, Brockenhurst, Ringwood and Lymington, and Christchurch for the annual meeting. It was resolved to hold a combined practice with the Wimborne Branch of the Salisbury Guild at Ringwood in February. It was also decided to attempt the first quarterly peal at Milford-on-Sea. Five new members were elected to the Guild.

The Ringing World No. 978, December 20th, 1929, page 812