Christchurch Branch at Lymington

The second quarterly meeting of the year was held at Lymington on June 2nd, attended by 25 members. Mr. S. Clarke, of Harlow, Essex, was a welcome visitor.

Prior to the meeting the hon. secretary of the District presented the recently-married chairman and his wife (Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Daniells) with a case of fish knives and forks to mark the occasion and to express the District ringers' good wishes for a long life of happiness. Mr. J. E. Daniells suitably replied, and on behalf of himself and his wife expressed their pleasure at receiving such a pleasant surprise.

Two new ringing members - Mr. J. Coleman (Fordingbridge) and Mr. Charles Pring - were elected at the ensuing business meeting. The next quarterly meeting will be at Bournemouth on September 1st. Ringing in all methods took place during the afternoon and evening on the octaves at Lymington and Lyndhurst.

The Ringing World No. 2359, June 15, 1956, page 382