Christchurch District Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Christchurch District, held at Christchurch on December 1st, was well attended, 60 members and some friends, settling down to tea in the Priory Restaurant, where the business meeting was subsequently held.

Previously the 12 bells had been rung and the Guild office sung in the Quire of the Priory. The service was conducted by the Vicar of Christchurch (Canon R. P. Price) and the preacher was the Rev. Marling Roberts, Vicar of Milford-on-Sea.

At the business meeting the Vicar of Christchurch welcomed the Guild to Christchurch once again, and referred to the great loss the District had sustained in the passing of Mr. George Preston and Mrs. A. V. Davis. The company stood in silent tribute to their memory.

The hon. secretary reported a steady year's work with fair attendance at the meetings and a small balance in hand after all dues had been met. The officers were re-elected for another year, with the exception of the chairman (Mr. J. E. Daniells), who would shortly be leaving Bournemouth to take up an appointment in Cardiff.

Admiral D. H. Everett, the correspondent of the Milford-on-Sea tower (and who has done much enthusiastic spadework to revive Milford ringing), was unanimously elected chairman of the Branch for 1957.

Quarterly meetings were arranged to be held on the first Saturdays in March, June, September and December, and it was decided to hold the George Williams Commemoration Dinner early in May, the date of which will be published shortly in "The Ringing World."

The Guild's annual general meeting will be held in Bournemouth this year, and Mr. J. A. C. King promised details in the early New Year.

The Ringing World No. 2386, December 21, 1956, page 810