There was a good attendance at the annual District meeting of the Christchurch District, which was held at Christchurch on February 6th. The Guild service was held in the Priory Church and was conducted by the Vicar (Canon R. P. Price). The preacher was the Rev. R. R. ffolliott Powell. assistant priest at Milford-on-Sea.

At the commencement of the annual meeting the District chairman (Rear-Admiral D. H. Everett) welcomed visitors from Southampton and Abingdon. He then invited Canon Price to take the chair.

In his annual report the District chairman (Rear-Admiral Everett) stressed the importance of members visiting other towers on practice nights, in order to assist those needing help and also to advance their own ringing ability. The secretary (Mr. W. T. Godfrey), in his annual report, stated that membership was now 113, 13 more than in 1958 and the highest number since 1948. In November, Breamore, a new tower with four bells, was welcomed into the District. Breamore has a very enthusiastic band, under the captaincy of Mr. Jack Mussell. Reports from eight out of the 13 affiliated towers showed that steady progress was being maintained in most towers but, most important of all, regular Sunday service ringing was being carried out in all towers except one.

During the course of the meeting, 25 new ringing members were elected. Among those elected were the Rev. R. R. ffolliott Powell, who has recently moved to Milford from Dorset, where he was the Rector of Evershot, the Rev. F. O. Brackley (Rector of Breamore) and the Rev. Mr. Flather, curate at Fordingbridge.

District officers elected for the next three-years were: Chairman, Mr. F. Price; vice-chairman, Rear-Admiral D. H. Everett; secretary and treasurer, Mr. W. T. Godfrey; secretary's proxy, Mr. L. Cobb; joint Ringing Masters, Mr. W. Cheater and Mr. R. Marlow; representative to the central committee, Mrs. F. J. Marshallsay; auditor, Mr. R. Hurst.

The following meetings for 1960 were proposed, subject to confirmation: Quarterly meetings - June 4th, Sopley and Ringwood; September 3rd, Fordingbridge and Breamore; December 3rd, St. Peter's, Bournemouth. Practice meetings - March 5th, Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst; May 7th, Bournemouth; July 2nd, Hordle and Milford-on-Sea; November 5th, Lymington.

The new District chairman (Mr. Fred Price) proposed an omnibus vote of thanks, on behalf of all members, to everyone who had helped to make the meeting a success.

W. T. G.

The Ringing World No. 2549, February 26, 1960, page 141