Upwards of 60 members and visitors attended the annual meeting of the Christchurch District on February 4th, when Canon R. P. Price conducted the service in the Priory, and Rev. T. Eric Evans, senior curate at St. Peter's. Bournemouth, and himself a ringer, gave the address. He told of how a woman had been converted as the result of hearing the sound of bells. The newly-formed District choir led the singing.

Mr. F. Price, District chairman, presided at the annual meeting, and at his bidding the company stood in silence to respect of the death of Mr. F. Feltham, captain of Hordle tower since 1940.

A satisfactory balance in hand at the end of the year was reported by the honorary secretary and treasurer (Mr. W. T. Godfrey) who mentioned that membership, at 115, was the highest since 1948. Mr. Alex Fry, of Ringwood, who formed the District's choir was unable to continue as leader as he was going to live in Maidstone. His successor is Mr. Lewis Cobb, of Ringwood. Reports from eight out of the 13 towers in the District showed that steady progress was being made in the training of beginners and that in all towers the bells were rung regularly for divine service on Sundays. Seven peals had been rung and Mrs. F. J. Marshallsay had rung her 600th peal.

A programme of practice and quarterly meetings was arranged and the meeting concluded with the chairman proposing a vote of thanks to all who had helped to make it such a success. Ringing on the Priory bells included Cambridge Surprise Maximus.

The Ringing World No. 2601, February 24, 1961, page 130