Christchurch District Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Christchurch District was held at Christchurch on February 3rd, when 60 members and friends attended the Guild service, which was held in the beautiful Priory Church. The Rev. D. J. Shearlock (curate) conducted the service, and the sermon was preached by the Rev. P. Flather, of Fordingbridge.

The annual meeting followed a splendid tea, which was prepared and served in the Church Hull by the lady members of the Guild, under the direction of Mrs. A. V. Davis.

At the commencement of the meeting, the chairman of the District, Mr. Fred Price, welcomed visitors from Southampton, Fawley and Dorchester.

In his annual report, the chairman, referred to the loss by death of the following members of the District: The Rev. H. Cooksley (Vicar of Lyndhurst), Mr. Martin Stewart, Mr. W. H. Godfrey, Mr. W. Fowler and Mrs. E. Turner, M.B.E. As a mark of respect for these members the company stood in silence.

Mr. Price also reported that a number of clergy, who had always given their full support to the Guild, had left the District to take up new appointments. Among these were Canon Price, Vicar of Christchurch, who had now become the Dean of Hereford; the Rev. J. L. Featherstone, Vicar of St. John's, Bournemouth, who had left to become the Vicar of Barton Mills, Suffolk; the Rev. F. O. Brackley, Vicar of Breamore, who had moved to a new parish in Jersey, C.I., and the Rev. J. B. Elliott, Vicar of Hordle, who had retired to Christchurch.

The District secretary, Mr. W. T. Godfrey, reported that the total membership of the District had risen from 117 to 122. He read the reports from tower correspondents of 10 out of 13 towers in the District. These reports showed that the members of these towers were actively engaged each Sunday ringing for divine service and in teaching a large number of beginners during the weekdays.

The Guild peal recorder, Mr. D. T. Matkin, reported that during 1961 eight peals had been rung by members of the District.

Meetings for 1962 were agreed to, subject to permission, as follows: Quarterly meetings: June 2nd, Fordingbridge; September 1st, St. Peter's, Bournemouth; December 1st, Ringwood. Annual District meeting: February 2nd, Christchurch. Practice meetings: March 3rd, Milford-on-Sea/Hordle; April 28th, Lyndhurst/Brockenhurst; July 14th, Hinton/Christchurch; November 10th, Lymington/Milford-on-Sea.


The Ringing World No. 2653, February 23, 1962, page 124