The peal of six bells at Church Oakley, Hants, have recently been retuned, quarter turned and rehung with new headstocks and ball bearings by Messrs. Gillett and Johnston, of Croydon. The bells were rededicated on Wednesday, June 4th, by the Rector, the Rev. G. H. Jeudwine, at a simple but dignified service, of which the main note was praise and thanksgiving, the local band ringing a touch of Grandsire Doubles after the rededication and before the sermon.

In the course of his sermon the Rector paid a tribute to the skill with which the bells had been removed and rehung and to the work of the local band of ringers, and appealed to his people to answer the ‘Come’ of the bells by ‘We will go to the House of the Lord.’

A number of other ringers from other parishes attended the service, including Mr. George Williams, the Ringing Master of the Winchester Diocesan Guild, and at the conclusion of the service they got busy in the belfry and kept the bells going till late in the evening.

The Ringing World No. 1003, June 13th, page 382