Hampshire has gained another ring of six bells, by the augmentation which has been carried out at Deane, where the Rev. C. D. P. Davies has been Rector for some years. The new bell, making with the original five a ring of six bells, is dedicated ‘to the honour and glory of God and for the use of Holy Church in loving memory of Owen John David Potts, elder son of Major and Mrs. G. A. Potts, of Penang, Straits Settlement, and grandson of Rev. C. D. P. Davies and Mrs. Davies, of Deane Rectory.’ He was born at Deane on January 30th, 1920, and died on January 19th, 1927. The bell is given by his parents and the Rector and Mrs. Davies.

Cast at the foundry of Messrs. Mears and Stainbank, of Whitechapel, who have also erected a new iron frame for eight bells in the tower, and have rehung the original five complete with entirely new fittings, the new bell weighs 4 cwt. 1 qr. 6 lb., and bears the following inscription:-

et in memoriam
O. J. D. Potts.
Ecce Vocor Davidis pueri campana beati
Quando mane sono Domini Veniatis ad Aram.
C. D. P. Davies, Rector, 1927.’

Translation of the Latin lines: ‘Lo! I am called the bell of David, the blessed lad. When I sound in the early morn may ye come to the altar of the Lord.’

The bells were reopened and the new treble dedicated by Rev. C. D. P. Davies on Sunday, June 12th, in the presence of a congregation that filled the church. The sermon was preached by Canon G. F. Coleridge, Vicar of Crowthorne and president of the Central Council, who took for his text verse three of Psalm 40, ‘And he hath put a new song in my mouth, even a thanksgiving unto our God.’

Lady Cooper, a warm supporter from the first of the scheme for rehanging the bells, and a generous donor to the fund, presided at the organ.

After the service, an opening touch of 720 changes of Bob Minor was rung by Rev. C. D. P. Davies (conductor) 1, Canon Coleridge 2, G. Williams 3, A. A. Hughes 4, W. T. Cockerill 5, W. Hunt 6. This was followed by touches of Grandsire and Stedman Doubles, Oxford Treble Bob and Cambridge Minor.

By the generosity of Rev. C. D. P. and Mrs. Davies, a splendid tea was provided at the Institute, to which full justice was done. Ringers present were Messrs. E. A. Young (hon. secretary of the Central Council), A. A. Hughes, W. T. Cockerill, F. S. Bayley, J. H. Shepherd, G. Williams, W. Hunt, G. Pullinger, and two local men.

The whole work has been excellently carried out by the well-known Whitechapel firm, and it is hoped that a band of ringers will soon be organised locally.

Of the £413 required for the work, there still remains £80 to be raised.

The Ringing World No. 849, July 1st, 1927, page 411