Having rung the triple-double-handed peal at Preston Candover in 1961, thoughts turned to a peal of Bob Major with four ringers. Tom Chapman was the obvious choice for the fourth ringer, and the only problem was a suitable tower.

Two attempts were made, at Atherstone, Warwickshire, in 1963, but both were stopped about half-way due to bells crossing. This did, however, give us much valuable practice.

The third attempt, at Balcombe, was successful at the first try. The first half was good, although the time of 85 minutes was probably too fast, resulting in a few patches in the third part. A few words from the tenors to "Slow it up" led to some good ringing in the last part; time for the second half being 94 minutes. In this attempt we rang Pritchard's Four Part instead of the handbell composition used in the other attempts. The greatest difficulty in all-double-handed ringing is the difference in weight of the two tenors. The success of the peal was undoubtedly due to the skill and ease with which Tony rang them.

After the peal, welcome refreshment was provided by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Laker, and we express our appreciation to Mr. Laker and the Balcombe ringers for the peal arrangements.


The Ringing World No. 2786, September 11, 1964, page 615