Double-handed Tower Bell Peals

Dear Sir,- In reply to a request by George Fry regarding "People who have rung two tower bells to a peal," the following list may be of assistance.

Under the names (which are, as far as I know, in the order that the persons rang their first double handed peal) I put any details that I know:

  1. J. Washbrook (dec.). Details from "History and Art," Morris.
  2. Jas. E. Groves (dec.), Birmingham.
  3. Wm. H. Lawrence (dec.), Little Munden, Herts.
  4. Edwin Himms (dec.), Bicester.
  5. John Thomas (dec.), Hinton-on-the-Green, Worcs. One peal rung at Corston, near Bath, 2-3 rang and conducted, Double Norwich Court Bob Major.
  6. A. R. Price, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx. Three peals, conducted two. All of Bob Minor.
  7. Alan Cattell, Leicestershire. Number not known, but included is a peal, in which he rang 3-4 and conducted, Yorkshire S. Major.
  8. Frank C. Price, Crowthorne, Berkshire. Twelve peals, as listed below:

    Sept. 16th, 1953, Cranford, Middx, 2-3, Bob Minor;
    Nov. 26th, 1955, Hillingdon, Middx, 1-2, Grandsire Caters;
    Dec. 3rd, 1955, Cranford, Middx, 2-3, Bob Minor (rung with F. T. Blagrove ringing and conducting from 4-5);
    Oct. 13th, 1956, Beddington, Surrey, 1-2, Grandsire Caters;
    Nov. 16th, 1957, Cranford, Middx, 2-3, two Minor methods (cond.);
    Aug. 22nd, 1959, Grundisburgh, Suffolk, 9-10, Plain Bob Royal (cond.);
    Dec. 3rd, 1960, Hillingdon, Middx, 3-4, Plain Bob Major (cond.);
    April 29th, 1961, Preston Candover, Hants, 3-4, Plain Bob Minor (rung with A. R. Price ringing 1-2 and F. T. Blagrove (cond.) from 5-6);
    Nov. 19th, 1961, Bishopstoke, Hants, 4-5, Plain Bob Major (rung with T. Chapman ringing and conducting from 2-3);
    Nov. 25th, 1961, Hillingdon, Middx, 1-2, Grandsire Caters;
    April 25th, 1963, Goring, Oxon, 2-3, Plain Bob Major (cond.);
    May 11th, 1963, Hillingdon, Middx, 1-2, Cambridge S. Royal.

  9. Frank T. Blagrove, Windsor, Berks. Numbers in double figures, now including, I believe, the record number of Doubles methods to a peal, which he conducted.
  10. Christopher B. Fynes, Stanwell, Middx. Numbers in double figures, including, I believe, a peal of Surprise Minor in 21 methods, which he conducted.
  11. Tom Chapman, Bishopstoke, Hants. Three peals to date: Bob Major 2 (conducted 2), Bob Royal 1.

The following are in the process of ringing a four double-handed peal of Plain Bob Major. Two attempts have been unsuccessful: A. R. Price, F. C. Price, Tom Chapman, F. T. Blagrove.- Yours sincerely,


Crowthorne, Berks.

The Ringing World No. 2752, January 17, 1964, page 37